Democrats Demand Illegal Votes Count in FL Recount

We’ve known what’s in the Democrat playbook for some time now. The idea is to convince African-Americans and Hispanics that their countrymen are robbing them or hate them. What the Democrats require is internal conflict, some kind of perception of group struggle so that they can get the permission they need to use force against a part of the population- steal from them and give the weaponized grievance group a share of the spoils.

It’s hard not to be reminded of the myth of the vampire, a monster who needs your permission to come into your home before he can victimize you.

The Democrats need votes in order to take from those who work, earn, and create the value that makes this country great. Once they have the permission of your neighbors to plunder your home and your future, they can draw on that victimhood population for the police force they will need to enforce their unjust policies.

You’ll notice an interesting dynamic here; the people who wish to own you will never commit an act of evil themselves- they always get someone else to do it. That’s why it always starts with a perversion of Democracy. They deceive a portion of the population into agreeing to an authoritarian system. Then they draw on that same sub-population to steal from and oppress those outside their voting demographic.

There are two ways to achieve this perversion of democracy. One is to deceive the existing population into agreeing to the pillaging of the rest of the population. The second way is to bring in a foreign population that has no loyalty to the country to agree, by voting, to pillage a portion of the existing population.

Well, the Democrats are no longer hiding their methods. They are outright demanding that illegal immigrants have the right to vote and that illegally cast votes should be counted. As the ongoing election fraud story unfolds, we’ve heard reports of mysterious boxes of votes showing up at the last minute- all of which are votes for Democrats. And this is in addition to the usual kinds of voter fraud that we’re used to hearing about such as votes cast by dead people, by felons, votes cast multiple times by the same person, and by illegal immigrants.

Right now, so much illegal activity on the part of the Democrats is coming to light that they appear to have given up on hiding it. Now they are just outright demanding that illegal votes must be counted.

According to the Federalist, “When tabulating the votes on election night, Broward County’s results showed significantly fewer votes than other races on the ballot—25,000. Over the next several days, election officials scrambled to add early in-person votes and absentee ballots to the count. This increased numbers for the Democrats, moving the races into recount margins.”

Senator Marco Rubio said, “No early votes have been cast since Sunday. They had 2 days to tabulate them & submit to the state by 7:30 p.m. Tuesday as required by law. Yet as of latest update, these are only partially completed.”

In the Palm Beach, FL- the county where this problem is most pronounced, Republican Michael Barnett said, “I would think this is something we could all agree on—that non-citizens shouldn’t vote, but evidently that’s not the case with Democrats. We want to make sure the Democrats don’t steal this election. They’re trying everything they can to win even if it’s illegal.”

The issue of voter fraud has been going on for years, and for years left-wing media outlets like CNN have refused to report the evidence of voter fraud. They say that Republicans who want to enforce voter ID laws only want to suppress the votes of minorities. They report again and again that voter fraud is not real and that conservatives are simply being racist.

As usual, the Democrats show how little they think of blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities when they assume that they are too poor or too stupid to obtain legal identification. They say, not everyone is rich enough or educated enough to go to the DMV and get an ID. At the same time, they express great eagerness for people they say are too stupid to obtain IDs, to vote. This is mendacity at its finest.

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75 Responses

  1. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

  2. I demand all Democrats be castrated to help improve the human race but somehow I do not think it will happen,
    Insanity is a prevalent quality in Democrats which is why they should be castrated,

  3. What an asinine claim! ILLEGALS AKA Foreign Nationals were never giving the right to vote in our elections! If they were, we would be overrun with foreign votes and the votes of AMERICANS would become worthless over night!

    What were’re seeing now is just how much the Socialists have taken over a major political party! They lost when Trump was elected and they think that was their last/best chance of subverting this whole country. Now, in their desperation, they will do anything and everything to steal what they couldn’t win!
    That includes trying to destroy our Real American president and bring back that phony Kenyan or someone worse!

    Those involved in this latest voter fraud should be prosecuted and put under the jail!

    1. These people are illegal and have no more right to vote in our election than Putin does. So if you think that Putin was interfering with our elections you have to look no further than the Democratic party. They think that no one is watching what they are doing. They accuse Trump of collusion and has a mess going on now till it is ridiculas and they want nocitizen votes counted? We need to let them know how we feel. Now that they are in office they will do what ever they can to get all these illegals citizen ship.

  4. This is absolute Ludacris!!! What is wrong with these Democratic liberal SCUM? The Democratic party should be fined and banned from participating, in any future election to keep integrity and faith for the American taxpayers and honest people that believe in justice and truth. Nothing short of plain treason to the honest people that provide pay to these worthless foul mouthed SCUM

  5. I imagine that non-citizens have voted in every election and their votes should not be counted. I feel sure that the Democrats have already stolen a lot of the elections already…It is amazing to me that so many of them have won elections in Republican districts. I know that they wanted to flip seats but what they have done is unreal. This has been a horrible election and there are too many questions and corruptness……

  6. This kind of thinking by the Democraps is why we have thousands of illegals trying to force their way through our borders right now. They feel like they are entitled because of the pathetic thinking of Democraps.Illegals as well as Democraps should be removed from our country. Push for voter ID’s NOW! Lesson learned in Broward….

  7. i think you are right as to fraud, but why no facts? no quote, no nothing. poorly done

  8. Just go to show the American people how dangerous Democratic Party is anybody can vote what kind of bullshit is that criminal illegal aliens next monkey dogs cats and chickens what a bunch assholes

  9. If the Democrats want ILLEGALS to vote ILLEGALLY, then why the Mueller investigation? Democrates don’t want Immigration laws enforced because it will cost them votes!
    Hopefully, Trump will be able to continue deporting ILLEGALS at an even faster rate! As far as amnesty goes, if the ILLEGALS have not paid state and federal income tax or have ILLEGALLY received public assistance for the entire time they have invaded this country – then they should not be eligible for any amnesty and should be deported regardless of how long they have ILLEGALLY been living in the USA!

  10. I never so something like that: they’re place is in jail
    dirty politician to steal the votes openly,
    crooks politician who overnight get rich stealing and never persecuted
    the crooks politician never work for people and country
    crossing border is iligale
    if we don’t have border WE DON”T HAVE COUNTRY
    Federal Court wake up and put all DIRTY POLITICIANS and CROOKS in JAIL with this category of crooks you will never make any progress in a country

  11. Why should illegals be allowed to vote, you dumb Democrats?????
    What have they paid into our society as they carry their own flags? They can’t even read or write in our language?
    Nice try . Many legals here are not even American Citizens. NO MORE !!!

  12. The law states only USA citizens can vote during Federal and State elections. The Demorats have been taken over by Illegal Aliens and Islamic terrorists and are trying very hard to overthrow the USA Federal and State governments. They all should be rounded up and sent back to the mid-east or GITMO prison.

  13. Last week I unfriended everyone who voted democrat from my facebook account,if you vote democrat I want nothing to do with you!!

  14. What part of being legal do these fools not understand. Contrary to 2 counties in Florida, we are not a banana republic and many of us earned the right by serving in the military. This would be a disservice to all Americans. RVN 68-69

  15. If the Democommies persist in this behavior, the fourth box will come into play. The republic shall not die with a whimper or, as Spielberg suggested “to thunderous applause”, but with a loud BANG which will cost it’s enemies heavily.

  16. If all these facts are true (and I assumed it is) then we have to demand special investigation of foreign governments meddling in our elections. Bring the best people to investigate. Put the worst people where they belong. Bankrupt them, shame them, arrest them. ANYONE no matter on political affiliations. Stop pointing fingers! Bring on facts! If you not doing this-you’re within guiltily political game. You’re just using We The People to enrich yourself! Blacks, Browns, Whites, men, women -we will ALL coming after you. Just remember, to start the fire is easy. To put it out may take a wile.

  17. Do you ever hear any Republicans demand anything? Of course not as they are to timid and limp wristed to do anything more than whine. Democraps have no more right to demand anything than any other group. Gov. Has a rule of vote to pass a law not just juup up and demand. Repubs best get a big backbone or their party will fade into a Repubs have 20+ RINOS to jump in with devilrats while there are 0 DINO’s to help the sissy party.Demos are to slick for the Repubs as they slip some of their liberal bunch into them posing as Conservatives then when elected turn closet RINOS and the foolish Repubs never catch on. I’m leaving the Repub Party for the Independents just for the reasons I’ve stated above and I’m now 84 been a lifetime Repub but they aren’t the real party I was backing all these years.

  18. What else? It is the only way they can win and overthrow the government. Let’s give them the vote so we can become just another third world country.

  19. Just like their lead BHO these liberal progressive liars are trying to take over this Country and this is just one of their ploys. They think that they can bully people into allowing what they want or they just offer them everything free. This is totally outrageous and each and every politician, government employee or office holder that approves this kind of actions should be removed and prosecuted “IMMEDIATELY”. Unfortunately most people are correct there has been too much of this already that has snuck through the system with inside help that has swayed too many legal election results.

  20. Have you notice we have over 50 politicians in Washington DC congress that are foreign born. Do they really have America in their heart?
    Its great they are Americans but do they still love their home country or America.

    1. We also have foreign born in the states government. If we are not careful, soon all politicians will be foreign born.

  21. The whole Democratic Party is nothing but a terrible lie spewing a Dangerous dogma that promises much but will deliver in the end Totalitarianism, hopelessness, despair and Rebellion. Oh but the European Countries, yes likd Sweden 75% of thsir incoms goes to the Govdrnment yet the Socialist Socialist Government can’t and will not protect the people from the onslaught of Radical Islamic Rrfugees. Denmatk 70% of their income goes to the Government, 60% in France butthey pro.ise much but their national Debt is exploding exponintially soon they will run out of money and then they will be like Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and Angola.

  22. It is time to kill off the demoRAT party. And Illegals do NOT belong here. If the illegals were voting for republicans, the border wall would have already been built a long long ago. It is time to change out voting system. Required- proper ID, voters registration, and a NEW finger print system should be put in place. If an illegal attempts to vote it would be known at the time and they could be arrested and then deported. This would also take care of all the dead peoples votes. Just a thought for a clean vote.

  23. Who in their right mind would want illegals to vote in American elections, they don’t know our Laws, Customs and policy’s of the land, and like what is stated they are not legal citizens of our country. who ever wanted them to be able to vote should be removed from office since they took a oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States . Some of the things that they might vote on could be a very dangerous risk to our Nations Security.


  24. The Democrats are sending the wrong message to our children and to other countries by doing things illegally as this …. Our country was based on honesty by our forefathers and you need to be a legal citizen to vote in our elections .. And to be alive that’s why pictured I.D. should be shown in every election .. I have to show mine … The only way these Democrats know how to win is to cheat and that very bad showmanship they are showing the kids of this great nation … They all should be arrested for allowing this kind of conduct to go on .. IF they do it now to get into office what will they do once elected to us .. They are full of misconceptions and misleading the public .

  25. They are misleading the public and this should not be allowed .. These people were not citizens who voted for them

  26. This absurd to the max!
    How in the world can anyone justify allowing non-citizens to vote?!
    Do they think I could go to England and participate in the election of their Prime Minister?!
    It demonstrates the low mentality and lack of morals of the Left!

  27. For the life of me I can’t understand the claim that Republicans require IDs to be able to participate in our elections made by Demoncrats/Liberals as a reason to allow noncitizen to participate in our elections. Requiring IDs to cast a vote attesting to your citizentry is the most logical reason to use it.
    Obtaining one in this country is the most easy and accessible step than if all or most other countries.
    I’m a foreign national, lived in different States, became an American citizen over nearly 45 years, and never had any difficulties securing one soon after becoming resident of each State.
    It’s utterly nonsense to claim the difficulties of minority citizens to get one, thus the new trend of allowing illegals to participate in our elections is an outright travesty.

  28. Why do you think Hillary and Barry want to get rid of the Electoral College…and the Constitution eh??? Think it really is for your benefit???

    1. We need to treat todays democrats the same as we did communists in the 30s & 40s in our country before we become another Cuba or Venisula. Put all rhe elected democrat on trial and make them prove their loyalty to America….REMEMBER THE ROSENBURGS OR something close. They was hung.

  29. Not only are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS not allowed to vote but LEGAL IMMIGRANTS are not allowed to vote! In our Constitution it Clearly says that voting is by CITIZENS ONLY! I don’t believe that any country in the world allows Non-citizens to vote. California has already set a very bad precedent allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections. It is a preversion of everything that the founding fathers fought for! It would allow non-citizens to move into our country to alter our government for their own desires. They could plant a person who has no allegiance to the USA and elect that person who could then do everything they could to destroy us from the inside. And if that sounds familiar it is because I think it has already happened with Obama. Now we elected him the first time. But I believe that the second election was by fraud. Can I prove it? No. But I think that there are a lot of discrepancies in the voting that can be attributed to fraud. But no one checked it because it would have immediately been called racist. We have thrown away our country to unsubstantiated allegations of racism. And we can’t continue to do that. We need to fight back against these continuous attacks and instead of hiding fight back against these people calling us racist! Make them prove their claim.

  30. Why is this being allowed to happen? Can the Demoncrats do whatever they please. Hey Republicans, get your thumb out of your exhaust pipe put an end to this. Why are you you allowing this to happen?

  31. To the 84 yr old gentlemen that was angry at the republicans, changed to independent. I think the republicans are the same as my Fathers republicans were, I am 81 now, and was a Democrat for years, it’s that party that’s changed, the rep now have to get down and a bit dirty to keep pace with them. Thank God for President Trump, I switched parties in 2016, when I could see that we needed a President that has seen what the democrats were trying to do, socialism, my dear man, that’s what that want. The love that we have no border safety. Lord, I see the dishonest, hatred, yes even racial bias that I seen as a teenager, all because of people like the clintons, obama, biden, many more. God bless the United States of our America.

  32. The DEMS are going to push this country so far that a Revolutionary War will begin. They say a war in a country everyb25 yes s keeps a government honest. The Dems rigged Arizona’s votes! Personally, I called My county only to find out I wasn’t a registered voter! I registered at the election booth on top of registering at I finally registered yet again through our Motir Vehicle Division and now I’m finally a registered voter…. when I have voted all of my life! With Pizza-gate now opening up even deeper and now the files on the infamous laptop are better my leaked that not only were the children sex-trafficked along with many others, but there is now documentation that when they were done with the people they sold on the “Silken Road” that after every sick pervert and twisted monster had completely got their sick kicks off, these poor people are then slaughtered and their organs are being harvested and sold. Other records on Hillary’s laptop indicated that children were used as payment others were sent to labs in the Antarctic for unknown experiments. We need to boarder up our nation hang these TREASONOUS, VILE, MISCREANT WRETCHES SO HIGH THAT THEY CAN BE SEEN THROUGHOUT THEIR HE WORLD. Let CNN film that. CNN have been co-conspirators all along! They have covered up these horrific crimes against humanity! All of them are bought by deep pockets! They wouldn’t know the truth if it hit in the face. I hope they go down too. Their irresponsible reporting has cost #americans their lives!
    This great nation will fall under condemnation from our Lord and will not be blessed to Neil we satisfy justice for these victims. As a society I do not want to among baby rapers, cannibals🧠wanting to eat pituatary and adrenal glands, 👁pedophiles, 👩🏻‍🔬doctors👨🏼‍🔬 and other deviouts wanting to slaughter me and my family for our bodies. Why should I be the one looking over my shoulder while being in a society, afraid of the people I pay my taxes to; to pull a bunch of 🐂💩. I think the DEMS continued support of blindly following Hillary even though they know the truth is sickening. This election stealing is the beginning of something awful in this country. I think the DEMS underestimated the people. Unfortunately, I see more bloodshed as these indictments are opened! I hope everyone involved with these crimes is apprehended soon either by law enforcement, militia, private citizens, national guard, I don’t care, I’ll go arrest someone, but people need to start going down for this sickening slaughter of innocent children, teenagers and adults! 430,000 children go missing in the US everywhere! Where are the parents, why aren’t the stats improving, why doesn’t the news investigate?! Do you know how F*CKING hard it is to go missing in this day and age, unless there is an organization responsible for it all! And, now we know who is behind it all, THE CLINTON FOUNDATION! Please President Trump hang these
    Traitors before more innocent blood is shed.😥

  33. ‘How dare they stick their noses in America’s business’! Tear gas them like we did at Woodstock and chase their asses back home on the donkey trails they came in on! Allowing immigrants to cast a vote and be counted as an American is indeed. Talk about the election tampering. For the most obvious reasons! Which are too many to waste my time worrying about! Instead of the immigrants who I doubt know how to vote, what to vote for, cant read or translate our language didn’t get here in enough time to consider residency yet alone vote! I’m sure to buy that bag of 💩 you would need your head examined. The only 🐂💩statements that come out of the mouths of these pitiful cheating DEMS gathers flys!
    I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and crap out a more brilliant statement rather than “Immigrants votes should count”! I as a tax paying citizen am saying this country is worth a complete re-election! And, if the problems can not be hammered out by then we’ll eventually it will come down to Americans rule. Not the f*cking immigrants. We even have minorities agreeing on this issue. So for the Dems to continue to smart ass around and talk a big talk, they are going to wind up facing the fact, they can’t back up their lies. Obama is dead. He has been killed already do that power is gone and as people find that the ‘ASS-TARD’ running around jibber-jawing like he’s high on crack isn’t Obama and Obama is dead, I think the power will shift really quick. Especially since this is news hot off the press and it’s pretty reliable considering the story didn’t come from those ASS-WIPE Benedict Arnolds up in CNN! Every last person involved with the ballot tampering deserves to be fined and jailed! Anyone, who suggests it should be put in check right away. We need to start a petition to start annually 2times per year, MANDATORY DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING our elected officials. I don’t want JUNKIES making decisions with my taxes anymore! It’s proven drugs are involved with all of the
    sex-trafficking. We need to demand they be drug tested! can file the proper petitions for that! This will allow the citizens to monitor these elected politicians closer!

  34. It is a privilege of CITIZENS to vote; silly dimwitcrats!

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