Four Shots Fired into the Florida GOP HQ

So now we’ve had a whole string of tragedies that the lamestream media is blaming on President Trump, (a whole string if you count the hurricanes which the wingnut media did actually blame on Trump) But when political violence is directed against conservatives or Trump supporters, you won’t see Don Lemonhead so much as bat his puffy eyes.

There are plenty of examples of real serious violence against Trump supporters and conservatives by people who are clearly motivated by CNN style hate speech. There’s the outright thuggery of Antifa. Remember they tried to derail some trains a few months back? That’s some serious terrorism. Thank God they are too weak and stupid to actually figure out how to send a train off its tracks. But we can assure you, it’s not for want of trying.

Of course, there are the attacks on conservatives such as the shooting of the Republican member of Congress and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana. There was the time Rand Paul was threatened, a rock was hurled through his living room window, and the time he was assaulted by a neighbor which resulted in a hospital stay and a rib broken. There’s the macing of people going to hear conservative speakers, the arson, the flipping of cars, and the many, many gang assaults of Trump supporters.

Once, an elderly white man was dragged from his vehicle and beaten as his attackers called him a Trump supporter. There was no proof he really was. CNN hack-wits watched the footage on air and had the audacity to puckishly say “oh poor white people.” That is hateful. It is evil. It is disgusting.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media, (Fox excluded), blames the right for all of the violence. The best they will do at times is to say that the violence is coming from both sides. It is not. They simply cannot accept the idea that they might be on the wrong side of history.

Honestly, it’s hard to keep reporting on this stuff all the time. The left will never learn. They will never become fair-minded. They continue to play dirty tricks and lie. And people who get their news from the wingnut media will never believe a word of truth. All we can do is continue to tell the truth as best we see it. Hopefully, it will give reasonable people ammunition to use in their personal lives as they cope with the liberals around them.

So, there’s been yet another violent attack on conservatives- and the wingnut media hasn’t said ‘boo’ about it. Police are investigating after four bullets were fired into the front window of the Volusia County Republican Headquarters in South Dayton Florida. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The Chairman of Volusia County’s Republican Party, Tony Ledbetter, said, “We have never had any kind of vandalism before at a Republican Headquarters. It’s a small strip center and no other business was vandalized, so it was obviously politically motivated.”

Did you catch that? The victim of the crime called it vandalism, twice. He didn’t say ‘These left wing half wits tried to kill us!’ He interpreted the attack in the most generous terms possible- as vandalism. Amazing.

He told local news that he was the last to leave the office on Sunday and that neighboring stores were closed. So no one heard the shots when they were fired.

The local police captain Mark Cheatham told local news crews, “We are working to see if we can get video from nearby businesses but so far we have no witnesses.” He believes the shooting happened between the hours of 4:00 pm Sunday and 6:00 am Monday.

The shooting happened just after the phony prop bombs were sent to liberal media figures and Democrats. Those also came out of South Florida. If there is an association between the shooting and the mailings- they are certainly not inspired by a Trump supporter.

In response to the shooting, Florida State Rep. Tom Leek said, “The state of our political discourse in America is an embarrassment to all parties and those involved in the political process. Neither Democrats nor Republicans own the high ground on this issue. Sooner or later, both parties are going to have to stop suffering idiots within their own party, and cast them out on their own.”

We agree that the discourse is an embarrassment. But we take exception with his opinion on who holds the high ground.

~ Freedom News Report

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50 Responses

  1. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

  2. We do NOT watch mainstream media, in fact we do not even have television. There is
    so very much that we do not watch. Back home in Texas we could watch what we
    chose which was mostly documentaries, without having to sign up for cable. To
    watch what we prefer here, it would cost us over $100 a month.
    We’ve been watching strictly conservative news programs online & I do not recall how
    I came across your newsletter, but it is a breath of fresh air! It’s content reveals that
    you do your research well, your are accurate to the best of your ability & well written.
    I don’t recall how long I’ve been subscribed, a more , perhaps more, but you are excellent!
    All of your hard works shows; thank your for an excellent news letter. Keep up the good
    work & may God bless & your work!

  3. It’s shameful but this is the 1st I heard this story. :[ Did any LeftWit Media stations cover it?
    If so it was as an afterthought just b4 signing off, or going into another Anti-Trump Rant.
    Thank You. Already voted last week cause there’s gonna be a crowd. Straight R on the ticket and
    if only a Dem was running, uncontested, I left it blank.
    Now just Praying Republican’s gain in both houses.
    God Help Us All if they don’t.

  4. An the Democrats call Trump crazy.. The poor fools will never learn, while they. Talk about unteachable, The Dems don’t even know the meaning of the word.

  5. The democrat party has become the thuggery and violent party. Even their leaders such as crooked hillary, maxine waters, eric fast and furious holder and cory buker are calling for violence. Democrats are even being represented by groups such as antifa which I usually identify as “isis wanna bees” and are in fact violent gangs. The democrat party has 100% support from the LYING corporate media which has proven themselves to be agents for overthrowing our Republic and replacing it with socialism/communism. If the democrats gain control of our congress and senate we will be well on our way to becoming a socialist/communist country where a few democrats will control the entire country and we will all become equally poor slaves under the iron fist of the government.
    Ever wonder why so many people are trying to force their way into our country? Because they are living in socialist/communists countries and they are all equally poor with no chance of ever improving their lives.

    1. I voted straight line Republican. Voting was easy. I wouldn’t vote for a Democrat if you put a GUN to my head.

  6. Media has become a major joke. Lies from day one. Voting red. Dems and the media has no honor. All crazy Looney tunes.

  7. So true, P.J., the media is just a propaganda machine for the commies…nothing more, and needs to be prosecuted for their libel and slander. AND the Dem party needs to be designated as a terrorist organization for their acts like this one.

  8. The vitriol, lies, hate, and viciousness displayed and used by the Left media and the DEM senators are responsible and must be pointed out by those on the right forcefully and immediately as they happen, so the public can appreciate the fact and frequency these happen and the seriousness of the all their spewings! At the end of each week a summary, with access to each of these, should be published/posted for viewing and enumerating the public so they can judge and appreciate what is actually happening!

  9. Yes, I feel the media and the Dems are responsible for the many things that have been happening, along with those that have big money I would not doubt also. I know that people cannot continue to act this way and it not backfire on them eventually…it will. Its so sad how they have hurt many with their lies, accusations, finger pointing, and more. They all need to be ashamed of themselves and ask God to forgive them, then change and do what is right.

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