Trump CAN and SHOULD End Birthright Citizenship with an Executive Order

President Trump kicked up a political firestorm this week when the left-leaning Axios revealed he is seriously considering an executive order to end the so-called “birthright citizenship” of illegal aliens. The real name for this policy is the anchor baby scam.

Critics from the left quickly claimed the President has no legal right to tamper with the 14th Amendment which they claim extends citizenship to a child born on American soil regardless of where that child’s parents may live. They contend the 14th Amendment mandates birthright citizenship and the Supreme Court has interpreted that as settled law since the passage of the amendment in 1868.

Not so fast says Edward J. Elder of the National Review – “the critics are wrong.”

Trump rightly believes that a far too lenient interpretation of the 14th Amendment has allowed children to become a “magnet” for illegal immigration.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (Rep. – WI) wasted no time in denouncing Trump’s plan as unconstitutional. He said during a broadcast on Lexington, Kentucky area radio station WVLK that President Donald Trump “cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order.”

Trump tweeted in response to Ryan:

“Paul Ryan should be focusing on holding the Majority rather than giving his opinions on Birthright Citizenship, something he knows nothing about! Our new Republican Majority will work on this, Closing the Immigration Loopholes and Securing our Border!”

While Republicans have always been more strident about the need to enforce immigration laws there has previously been little disagreement from Democrats that illegal immigration is a blight on our national sovereignty.

In fact, some of the most convincing arguments against the anchor baby scam have come from the mouths of Democrats. In 2014, Hillary Clinton condemned anchor babies when she said: “We have to send a clear message, just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean the child gets to stay…we don’t want to send a message that is contrary to our laws or will encourage more children to make that dangerous journey.”

Supporters of Harry Reid are scrambling to explain his move in Congress to introduce legislation in 1993 that would have clarified the scope of the 14th Amendment’s Citizenship Clause. Speaking before the Senate at that time Reid said, “no sane country” would allow this anchor baby scam.

As late as 2010, President Barack Obama made an impassioned plea to end the anchor baby scam. Now, it is politically expedient for the left to conveniently forget the words of Clinton, Reid, and Obama. And for them to forget their words as well.

Both Democrats and Republicans have been playing a dangerous game of kick the can with immigration issue for far too long. They have avoided real reform because neither party has any real interest in curbing illegal immigration—they only want to do enough to stay in power.

Democrats want future voters and Republicans want cheap and exploitable labor and meanwhile thousands of Central Americans, the majority of young males, move inexorably closer to a confrontation at our borders.

Legislation to end he anchor baby scam has been bandied around in Congress since the mid-’90s with little real resolution. As Elder noted, “A nation that cannot determine who becomes citizens or believes that it must allow the children of those who defy its laws to become citizens is no longer a sovereign nation.”

The United States and Canada are the lone developed nations that automatically grant citizenship to people born within their borders. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, no European country offers birthright citizenship, and the global trend has been to halt the practice over the last 30 years. Nations putting a halt to this scam policy include the U.K. in 1983, Australia in 1986, India in 1987 and Ireland in 2004.

It appears now that President Trump is once again the only man willing to stand up and fight, he’s tired of waiting for a do-nothing Congress to put some real teeth into our immigration laws.

~ Freedom News Report

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103 Responses

  1. This insanity has gone on too long! Why should popping out a baby give them citizenship! Wouldn’t happen if we invaded their countries. We have our own poverty !! Go Trump!!🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  2. We should have done away from this anchor baby 100+ YEARS ago.
    We need to support our own children and homeless people. We can not afford to support families of illegal parents

  3. 300,000 of them a year.

    Along with citizenship for the anchor baby comes eligibility for WELFARE, FOODSTAMPS, SECTION 8 HOUSING. EDUCATION, MEDICAL

    1. I believe that part of the plan for the NWO is to drain us, then they can control us. Masters and Slaves.

      1. BINGO BUDDY ! This has been planned and acted upon for some time now. Just apply critical thinking to Western Europe’s predicament and see how damaging this is. I believe the benefactors of this multi- cultural push are those you cannot criticize openly as they come unglued on you with labels as well as other attacks by their bought and paid for dog pac’s ( Intentional spelling here ) and the as well paid off presstitute corp.
        They know they are pushing two reactive chemicals together to create critical mass and an explosion.
        It’s time to administer the deadly wound the head of the beast so the REAL shyster comes forward. Assuming there is any critical thinking as a force left?

  4. Anyone entering this country illegally has only the right to be treated humanely during their and families deportation

    1. Can you provide links, sources, etc… as to what level and where inhumane activities are taking place?

  5. Send the baby and mother back where they came from. We have vets living on the streets and homeless, we need to take care of them first as well as other s

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. There are way too many of our citizens living on the streets. Check out FL. They sleep on the beach and in the woods. They come in the library and read books. I lived there and saw this with my own eyes.

  6. End anchor baby and “birth right” for all F’N illegals. They have no rights except to take their illegal asses back from whence they came from

  7. The 14th Amendment was fine back in the day when they needed America to grow. Back then, they NEEDED immigrants with various skills to help our country be what used to be United. Things have changed, our country is bursting at the seams with illegal immigrants who are now taking from us, rather than contributing to us, and being controlled by those who want to control everything, and complete their New World Order plan. The 14th Amendment has been abused, and needs to be eliminated, period!

  8. These illegals have no rights in our country and we should educate them on this for they are really uninformed and just ignorant to our laws and for them to impose anything is ridiculous for their babies have no rights here and it states that in our constitution, for the only reason that this crap got started is because of the Democrats, for these Democrats have been giving these illegals everything for free and taking care of them better than our own citizens are are the main reason for this invasion on our country and even today they are encouraging this invasion and going against the citizens of this country’s wishes, and most of the citizens of this country know why for these Democrats want votes and will do anything to get those votes no matter how unconstitutional or how unethical it is!!! The American citizens of this country don’t mind legal entry into our country but illegal is not acceptable one bit, and the giving these illegals welfare and everything else is outrageous!!! I think if the citizens were to ask these Democrats why should we vote for them they would give you nothing but BS reasons, and if you were to ask them what is it that they can do to keep this country moving forward like Trump has done they would never be able to answer it or they would lie in the best way that they could!!! We all really need to ask ourselves do we want to keep moving forward or go back to a dead economy, a dead stock market, unemployment at record highs, crime going all out of control, taxes all going up, and government spending even driving us into further debt, also an even greater invasion on our country because of open borders and etc.!!! It is the citizens of this country’s choice in what they want, I can only say chose wisely or just end everything that we have accomplished your vote is in your hands and it is the most important vote you will ever make!!!

  9. The birthright concept has turned out to be an unforeseen hoodwink of We the People. Freeloaders are piling in using Constitutional wording to get as many freebees as they can at the expense of US taxpayers. Freeloaders are non-contributing individuals wanting to get a piece of the pie for which they contributed nothing. It’s like the story of the “Little Red Hen”. US Citizenship does not belong to babies of foreigners who then rationalized they are entitled to US freebees. It is way past time the US Congress addressed the issue and put a stop to the immoral dropping of babies for US taxpayers to take care of. Go Mr. President. You swore in the Presidential Oath to protect and defend the Constitution which means you swore to protect and defend We the People. Thank you.

  10. Send them back to where they came from. Illegal is illegal and a baby by an illegal is also an illegal. We have children and their families and veterans that are homeless and starving. Take care of our own not give it away to illegals. Americans first.

  11. Trump needs to do away with amendment 14! We need to take care of Americans! OUR PEOPLE! We have elderly people who have worked all their life and supported this country and now struggle to make ends meet. Social Security isn’t enough to keep up with taxes and insurance even when your house is paid for! Let’s help our American People who are hurting! Nothing is like it used to be especially the Democrats! I was raised a Democrat’ but could no longer support the evilness and what they stand for! I am now a REPUBLICAN! THANK GOD for PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP! No he is not perfect but NONE OF US ARE! He LOVES GOD and AMERICA and SUPPORTS ISRAEL, GODS chosen people! In the BIBLE GOD says if YOU turn your back on my chosen people, Israel. I will turn my back on you!!! We MUST take care of America before we can take care of any one else!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP!!! Please pray for America and our President!

  12. The 14’th Amendment was not written to include children of illegals. Being here proves they are RESISTING our jurisdiction. Most importantly, at that time the US was not handing out WELFARE benefits like candy. The ” anchor baby” scam saddles our government with payouts for the child and it’s family for 90 years!

  13. When our founding fathers drew up the Constitution and it’s Amendments, they could not have phantomed that our peoples would have become so anti-American as to allow outsiders who have no intention of assimilating come into this country and try to establish themselves through the “anchor baby” program. It is well past time for this program to either be eradicated or at the minimum; qualified with an amendment of it’s own, to restrict the birthright to those only who have assimilated and uphold the values of a true Republic; for this country was never intended to be a democracy!

  14. I understand why young America needed immigrants during the development of the 14th amendment, but that is NOT necessary in modern America.

  15. What those Socialists posing as Democrats don’t say and many people don’t understand is that the 14th Amendment was written to repatriate slaves who hadn’t exactly come to our country on cruise ships. It had absolutely nothing to do with a bunch of ILLEGAL ALIENS coming here to breed like flies and have babies in order to help thoroughly screw up our society, our government and our entire country.

  16. I knew my relatives from a foreign country, that would come here for a visit during their pregnancy and actually have their baby and have the audacity to leave without paying the bill, but secure that the baby was US born. Parents never confided in children, why or what reason those relatives would only visit at those times. Eventually you grow up and you learn that their visit was only for one reason, to take advantage of our failed system. So now it is a full blown scam that should be put to bed. President Trump ran on Immigration control and now the Left is up in arms with his stand to stop the invasion. These Socialist Marxists, like Obama and Sanders, can only feel threatened that our President is preventing their agenda to be taken any further than the toilet and flushing it. So sick is this society that the very press we thought was for the people, is now a sick crippled animal that should be put to sleep and Honest News be brought in to our country. The Swamp People exist and they deal with the Soro’s of the world, which is a cancer to our way of Constitutional based living and they dare try to change that with the Global Bull Crap. The Leftist now carry the flag of the KKK and hold minorities in bondage with our Taxpayer money being doled out to buy their vote and to keep the chains on them. The Left is the racist element in the country and protected by the mouthings of Fake News who protect them and denounce anything conservative. MEGA Trump 2020 for a greater USA. We have to vote out the LEFT, get rid of the Cancer they champion, Fake News!

  17. Its about time that this country started to realize that so called anchor babies, illegals Obamy’s so call Syrian Refugees cost the tax payers Billions in Free medical care, car seats, welfare and educating their spawn…. ad infinitum. Anything the left can dream up to bait them here legally or illegally they will spend out tax dollars like water because they know that these vermin will vote Democrap.

  18. Agree 100%! Get rid of the “anchor baby” use of the 14th Amendment. It is being used to circumvent our laws. People who have been turned down by immigration or people who could never qualify because of criminal record. We can not let our generosity to be abused!

  19. this program is truly something that was the brainchild of last century. but, it no longer has redumption qualities and should have been put to rest a very handsomely long time ago.

  20. this brainchild that was developed and conceived last century served a long past purpose. the program should have been put to rest a very long time ago.

  21. God bless President Trump. He has delivered every one of his promises, that’s why the Liberals want to get rid of him. Let’s vote for our Republican Party . No more free living in the USA, no birthing. President Trump is fighting to keep AMERICA FIRST.

  22. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  23. We as American tax payers are tired of paying for illegals way in America!!! It needs to stop.

  24. The fourteenth amendment was not intended for persons whom did not live in the USA! Slaves had been freed and because they had been born in Africa, they were being denied citizenship, largely, by southern slave states! It had nothing to do with person who came into the USA from where ever they had been citizens! I don’t know who interpreted the amendment in the manner it’s been being used, but it should have been resolved long before now!

  25. Not being a constitutional scholar I do not know exactly what needs to be done to rid our constitution of that stupid amendment, but it needs to be done last year. I am sick and tired of all of these Asians, Hispanics and Muslims sneaking into our country or simply flying in, dropping their loads and having our money sent back to them in their shi*hoe countries to support their anchor babies. It is time to put a stop to this insanity and Trump is just the man to do it unlike the wussy past presidents who talked a good game but did not have the cujones to do anything about it. MAGA, Donald!

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  30. What took you so long to realize that this was “going down”…somebodies asleep at the wheel…Do IT NOW!!!

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  35. It did not become a problem until illegal aliens in this country got out of hand. There was only a small number of children biorn to illegal aliens for a long time. The USA could be magnanimous about it. But they DON”T have to be anchor babies. That is the real concern. If the parents are deported separation of the family is on their heads. Nowhere does it say that an American citizen has the right to be raised in America. The child can be placed for adoption or left with (legal?) relatives. If the family has to stay together, then the child should go back to Mexico, or wherever, with the rest of the family.

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  38. So, 22 months in and no action from Trump. Do not expect it!

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