What Trump Knows that Obama Didn’t

You might have noticed that the closer Trump came to the White House the more incoherent Obama became. There was the famous speech that Obama gave in which he said that the jobs we lost during his administration would never come back. “What magic wand do you have that you’re going to bring those jobs back?” he asked.

Well, Trump may say some off the wall things, but he’d be damned if he was going to give away his economic secrets. We can tell you one thing that’s for certain, Trump didn’t even need to be inaugurated for his economic magic wand to start working. The moment he was elected, companies started positioning to bring jobs back to the United States. Why? The simple fact that they were confident that Donald Trump would do what he promised by incentivizing domestic manufacturing.

In other words, Trump’s reputation for follow-through and gravitas as a major league businessman enabled him to do what no other politician could. The result: major tax breaks for all tax paying citizens, 40-year overall unemployment low, record low black unemployment (kind of a big deal), and pulling out of major drains like the Paris Climate Accord and NAFTA.

Perhaps most surprising about the Trump economy is something that CNN actually manages to twist as if it’s a criticism; the job surplus. There are actually more available jobs for the currently available workforce to fill. That means, if you need a job- one is waiting for you.

Do you know what sane people call that? They call it security. Just think of it. Whether you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur, or a worker of any stripe- you probably live with the faint realization in the back of your mind at all times that your industry could go belly up, you could be downsized, or made redundant. You could be beaten by the opposition or fall prey to changing regulations. These are normal fears and whether or not you are aware of it- that background fear is a drag on your quality of life. How much better do you feel, how much better do we feel as a society knowing that if we lost our main source of income this afternoon- there are jobs out there waiting to be taken.

You might call it a conservative social floor, a true welfare state without government sanctioned theft which guarantees that below a certain level you shall not fall. That’s Trump’s economy.

Barack Obama has been flying around the country claiming credit for Trump’s economy. That’s right, the same guy who said you would need a magic wand to turn the economy around is now saying that he had one the whole time, it’s just kicked in now. Well, we’re very sorry Mr. Obama- but you didn’t build that.

The truth is that the Trump administration has been repealing dozens of Obama business regulations in an effort to give businesses the breathing room they need to be productive and put Americans to work. Since President Trump took office, almost 4 million jobs have been added to the economy. That’s change you don’t have to believe in, it’s right there for everyone to see.

In a recent article on the subject, the Weekly Standard put it this way, “Obama raised taxes. Trump cut them. Obama was a regulatory zealot. Trump is passionate about deregulation. Obama’s Clean Power Plan killed the coal industry. Trump is reviving it. Obama downgraded the role of entrepreneurs and free markets in boosting the economy and lauded the wonderful things government does.”

Arguably, Obama’s biggest achievement was the Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known for Obama Care. It was truly an achievement, no question. It was a hallmark medical reform the likes of which we had not previously seen. It was also written by Mitt Romney and intended for the state of Massachusetts. But the ACA was just another Democrat handout to low energy voters. It was medical welfare that took from anyone earning better than poverty wages and gave to those who make too little to qualify to pay taxes.

In other words, Obama Care took from the productive and gave to those who produce nothing. That’s like pulling components out of the engine of your car and melting them down to decorate the exterior. That’s a really good way to build a fancy chicken coop, but it’s no way to run an economy.

That’s the difference between Trump and Obama, and that’s what Democrats and welfare bums don’t want you to know.

~ Freedom News Report

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  1. The Affordable Care Act is neither affordable nor about care. It’s a reinforcement of federal government control and a handout to health insurers and the pharmaceutical industry, the latter two for their support. It was initiated so that every American would have access to medical care. There are still millions who don’t. It is only really affordable to those whose premiums are subsidized. Even for those it’s still only extremely expensive catastrophic insurance.

    1. Thanks Pete and well said. The only thing Obama did was what he was elected to and that is destroy America and he brought in the biggest Communist take over of the private industry in our history with the government takeover of GM, Chrysler, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Student loans that now are over a trillion dollars and climbing and the our healthcare system which Obama intended to make it a single payer system (Communist care) where the doctors answer to the government not the patient just like it is at the horrible V.A.

  2. trump created jobs for the American people. Obama always had a job that someone else created for him!!!

  3. Under Obama, welfare and SNAP grew every year he was in office. Under Trump, they are shrinking! Under Obama, states were blocked from assuming the immigration law enforcement (Arizona) even though Obama’s “catch and release” program had LESS than 5% that showed up for their hearing. Under Trump, we are seeing immigration law enforcement!
    ACA was started out with a lie (you will be able to visit the same doctors) and went downhill from there!

  4. Donald Trump, our President, IS the magic wand! Thank you Mr. President!

  5. Trump knows how to run a job and numbers he gets things done. All this nigger Barry knows how to do is lie and run his mouth. This will eventually get himself killed.

    1. Dennis B Anderson, hey man there are the N WORD and then there are Black people, but you are truly right OBAMA BIN LYING it truly the N WORD. This N is going around stealing our GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP”S accomplishments, that is TRULY what a N does, takes credit for what an honest man does and works for. Every time OBAMA BIN LYING opens that big N mouth of his, HE IS LYING. You are right though that big mouth of OBAMA BIN LYING maybe one of these days will get his SORRY N A$$ KILLED, That would really MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…

  6. Obama is a liar as all Demoncrats who lie and dupe the crazy deplorables. It was all about him and NOT the American people. He started the division and chaos in the country and continues to support the new fascists: Antifa. VOTE RED! NO ALTERNATIVE unless we want rampant communism in the form of socialism.

  7. President Trump, is an American Born Citizen, he loves his homeland! Obama born in Kenya, used the system, and all of the advantages offered in America, to educate himself, and give him a better life, but there is at least one key ingredient he lacks, Love For America!
    Valerie Jarrett, said she would use the system to educate herself, to then turn on America, it was a trend in Obama’s Administration, Eric Holder a Domestic Terrorist, while at Columbia University same thing!
    Bill Ayers, Domestic Terrorist that manufactured Obama! These people are criminals!
    The difference between President Trump, and Obama, and his America-hating, Domestic Terrorist, friends is night and day!
    Everyone, has sidestepped, this blatant, anti-America-anarchist group! The sedition, and treason, Bill Ayers, Obama, Holder, Jarrett, Lynch, Rice, HRC, John Kerry, Biden, all have committed, and the entire DNC Knowingly supported this foreign imposter, and the Bill Ayers Coup!

  8. Obama’s SS# assigned to a man dead-man almost 100 years ago! I’m 56 years old, my SS# is assigned to me, and everyone I’ve ever known! It isn’t a common occurrence!
    There are countless excuses for Obama, that is a huge, red flag! Cheating the system, using aliases, no birth certificate, someone else’s SS# The President of the United States! No love for America whatsoever! Obama did more for our enemies than he did for America! If you want to let him slide, on all of this fine, go ahead, $28M of taxpayer funds to seal his records, red-flag!
    How is he going to pay $28M to seal his records? Who does that? Who charges that? Why? That isn’t strange, at all? As a taxpayer, I’d like to know where my money went, since we payed for this, we have a right to know!

  9. Well, we’re very sorry Mr. Obama- but you DID NOT build that.

  10. In our system of government a president can only serve two terms, and Obama slyly made tongue in cheek comments to that affect! Obama knew about this planned and plotted coup by Bill Ayers, he knew the plan!
    HRC was supposed to have been elected
    so that she could be a false store-front, for an Obama third term, that is the reason he stayed in DC! Bernie Sanders won the election to be the nominee, but the DNC gave HRC, and BHO, the green-light, to rig their own party’s presidential nomination election! #walkaway movement are people disgusted by the actions of the DNC that are far, and away, from an America-first, and foremost, political party!
    Obama brought Bernie Sanders in, and said look Bernie, We know you won the nomination election, but you winning isn’t in the plan we have for America, we need you to take one for the team, you can either play along and be handsomely rewarded, or you can go hunting at my friends lodge in Texas!

  11. President Trump, thank God, for President Trump! Irregardless of your opinion of the man pre-President, you can’t deny his love for America! From what we had, and almost had, he is a breath of fresh, American air! I was honestly terrified by the thought of HRC in the Oval Office, because truth be known, she only wants to be the first female POTUS! She can’t stand the fact that her husband did something she hasn’t been able to do!
    Her best shot was the Ayers Coup against America, to be a front, for Obama’s third term! President Trump ruined that, that is why he has been attacked 24/7/365 since he was inaugurated! I remember a dinner they had that day and Pelosi was there, they were all there, and the looks on the faces of DNC politicians, were priceless!
    They knew the plot, they knew HRC was supposed to be the center of attention, and the horror of defeat was obvious! That was truly a great day in American history! HRC doesn’t care about this Country or its people, she cares about the spotlight, the title, the glamour, the money! Try getting HRC to be POTUS without getting paid! Never happen! We dodged a bullet, and if we don’t show up like they are giving away $50 dollar bills at the polls nov. 6th. we will be done for!

  12. What makes me madder than a run over dog, is the fact that the DNC, Obama, Soros, Holder, Ayers, Dorn, HRC, Jarrett, Rice, Lynch, Biden, Kerry, Mueller, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Waters, Ellison, Booker, Harris, Rosenstein, all the corrupt players, that have brought the ghetto to the People’s House, the Chicago Municipal governing, the disrespect, the Muslim Brotherhood, the trash of our society, and not one single indictment! This is what you get when you have corrupt people in high places!
    President Trump should physically kick Rosenstein down the hallway, and kick his sorry ass to the curb! Indictments should go out to every single DNC elected official in America, declare Marshal Law to keep the idiots back, round up the Obama Administration, and throw their hood-rat asses in Gitmo until the day of their execution!
    Then have a nationwide celebration!

  13. GLOBILISTS — all DEEP STATE — with George Soros as the most abominable of all the other members — HRC, to begin a listing!

  14. Fox News is an entertainment channel. not a NEWS channel, stop paying attention to them for real facts. One fact is for sure: Donald has uttered over 5000 lies, half truths and obfuscations (as determined by bi=partisan researchers).
    The man has 3 failed marriages and 3 failed businesses and if his daddy had not saved him he’d be bankrupt for the rest of his life. If you throw 1.5 Trillion dollars at the economy it better performs well. But whose money is that vast sum? Well, it’s yours and mine. It’s money that was earmarked for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and now is going into the pockets of the “business” class. It’s OUR money, every penny of it, and now it is gone

  15. The sad news is there will be people reading the facts who will still be sure Obama created America’s turnaround. He has yet to claim that it was he, not Betsy Ross, who made our flag; that it was he who crossed the Deleware, not Washington; That he rode around Boston shouting to people the British were coming; that he ,not God, created man in his own image. It was Eve and Obama in the garden of Eden. He knows he, not Moses , brought down the 10 commandments. Those in the know can spell psychopath.

  16. The sad news is there will be people reading the facts who will still be sure Obama created America’s turnaround. He has yet to claim that it was he, not Betsy Ross, who made our flag; that it was he who crossed the Deleware, not Washington; That he rode around Boston shouting to people the British were coming; that he ,not God, created man in his own image. It was Eve and Obama in the garden of Eden. He knows he, not Moses , brought down the 10 commandments. Those in the know can spell psychopath.

  17. Idon,t want to hear Obama,s name again!!!he lies!!

  18. The more they bash trump, the more I support him!!!

  19. The previous unclassy administration, Obama, et. al, became the so classy with the new administration headed by Mr. Trump!. No comparison in everything you could think of.

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