Confirming Kavanaugh Is No Longer Enough. Feinstein Has to Go

Dianne Feinstein is a monster. At best, she has helped condemn an innocent man for political gain. That’s monstrous, and it’s the best look for her. At worst, she exploited a sexual assault victim for political gain. That’s worse than monstrous; it’s leftist.

There is only one proper response to the events of this last week in Congress: absolute, fiery outrage. Feinstein sat on a sexual assault accusation for more than six weeks just to try and stall a confirmation hearing. She has dragged a good man through the mud, paraded a self-proclaimed victim of assault across a national stage, demanded that Congress completely abandon the Constitution and virtually destroyed the process of justice. She has to go.

Actual Nazis

The left has been using this phrase a lot lately. As is standard with their pitiful vocabulary, they frequently misapply it. Trump and the mainstream GOP are definitely very far away from actual Nazis, but Democrats across the country don’t seem to understand that. It doesn’t matter anymore. Let’s suppose that candidates on the right are actual Nazis. That’s terrible, but there are two regimes in modern history that managed levels of evil that actually put the actual Nazis to shame. They were headed by Mao and Stalin.

Guess what. The mainstream ideology of the left openly praises those two regimes. They want America to be the next “great” socialist state. They admit it freely and openly. So, at this point, voting for an “actual Nazi” would actually be selecting the lesser of two evils — especially since we don’t have to misappropriate terms when we call Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Beto O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein and the rest of the party “actual socialists.”

The Destruction of Law and Order

People will downplay this rhetoric. They will call it hyperbolic and an overreaction. The past year and a half have given us ample evidence that it’s probably an under reaction at this point. The mainstream left has literally called for an end to border protection. They want to nationalize everyone who makes it into U.S. territory, and they have openly called for the destruction of ICE.

They don’t care how many terrorists and human trafficking rings have been stopped by our border security. They’d rather endorse both of those practices than miss even one potential illegal vote because a known criminal was deported by ICE. Disgusting. Despicable. Pure evil. All of these terms sound too soft. Words can no longer convey the malicious, destructive malfeasance of the left.

You still have reservations? This past week should be enough to send you over the edge. The most prominent members of the left, including everyone listed a moment ago, have called for an end to due process. Every single one of them wants to see Brett Kavanaugh tarred, feathered and lynched without a trial. They have condemned the man even though there have been ZERO pieces of evidence brought against him. Zero. Even the woman’s key witnesses all agree that the party, much less the sexual assault, never happened.

If this is enough to ruin a man, then due process is dead, and that is exactly what the left wants. Stalin and Mao eliminated due process, and they used the government to hunt and destroy any and all dissent. The left wants nothing less. They are trying to set the precedent right now. It’s time for every conservative, right-leaner, Republican, moderate, classical liberal and non-crazy leftist to get in the game. We are at a real crisis.

The Last Chance

If you want to see the socialists stopped, there is only one chance left. Any momentum they gain in the midterms will spell certain doom for America. It might not happen overnight, but to date, no country has recovered from socialist momentum without first burning to the ground. The United States will prove no different.

Conversely, the progressives won’t survive another 2016-like election. If we shut them down now, they will lose steam. They’ll keep shouting and whining, but we’ll have a solid foundation of proof that the liberal media and all of the extremists are just a vocal minority. More importantly, the elected officials will see that, and they’ll stop cowering before the perceived might of the socialist movement.

Dianne Feinstein must go. Bernie Sanders must go. Elizabeth Warren must go. Kamala Harris must go. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Beto O’Rourke must not be given a foothold. Even if you aren’t voting in these states or districts, we need a red tidal wave so powerful that Congress will feel confident charging these traitors for their crimes. Nothing else can save our country, even if it comes at the cost of voting for an “actual Nazi.”

~ Freedom News Report

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365 Responses

  1. She is not the only one who is anti-American. They can investigate her all they want. They won’t do anything about it except blow more smoke. What did Congress and/or FBI do about her “Chinese” driver? NOTHING. These people in Congress cover up for each other. They could commit murder in broad daylight on Pennsylvania Avenue and NOTHING will happen to them. I’m so disgusted with DC. It’s an open sewer.

    1. Listen to the words of Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones and you
      Have to think of the Democratic Party today!

      1. What do you think is going on in the Senate hearing’s? They are exposing them! For all to see. Vote no on any Demonrat’s! Get it? Then they can feel confident enough to arrest these Traitor’s! What part of Deep State do you not understand? Over 22,000 Deep State infiltrator’s are in our Government! Insponews named many I them. Just about our whole Government would be in GITMO! Be glad that anything is being done at all. It will get done. Unless you want to be a slave? Vote no on all Demonrat loser candidate’s!

  2. Law schools no longer teach the concept of innocent until proven guilty and Proof rests with the accuser.

  3. SEN Maizie HIRONO from Hawaii should ALSO be investigated! Hard to believe that idiot is a former LT Governor and an alleged Lawyer by education! Hawaii has been a Blue State since 1954 and the people will someday realize that the pendulum needs to start swinging the other way!!

  4. The silent majority in this country needs to know there’s someone working for them in DC. There is way too much obvious corruption spewing from the Left and seemingly nothing is being done about it. Over the past 2 years and even now, corruption schemes, one after another surface and nothing but a lot of blustering. WE NEED RESULTS and a purging of the evil that resides behind the shroud of politics. When will we ever see just one DemonRat be brought to justice…when?

  5. Feinstein isn’t the only idiot Democrat female that needs to go. The nitwit from Hawaii and Kamala Harris the witch of the West Coast need to go too!

  6. I think it’s about time the light is shined on the cockroaches. The deep state has weaponized our law enforcement agencies to abuse power with the witch hunts against the good guys for too long.

  7. Finally someone takes Feinstein to task on her inaction and withholding the accusation letter till after hearing concludes. Not to mention someone leaking info to the press that put both accurser & accused in jeopardy for political gain. Talk about being above the rule of law. Feinstein and Hirono who says you are guilty without proof needs to go. How can the American voters of their states continue to elect such self-serving representatives? Then add Feinstein’s Chinese driver of many years to her charge. Voters open your eyes & see them for what they are!

  8. Just talk … We need to see law is the law, nobody sit on the law. Lock them up !!!

    Vote against these liberals who have very warped views on what we the people want.

  10. It becomes extremely easy to hate these libs because of their antics. But they have fooled the people by selecting the moniker of “we are for the people”. We are the government of the people, they claim. No they are not, they are the government of bigger government which is against the people. It is accuse without proof, take away your rights giving them all to the government, make you answer only to them, increase your taxes, promote riots and anarchy, destroy the Constitution, a double standard what is good for them is not good for us demonstrated by the healthcare, destroy anything or anyone that gets in the way of their agenda, the party of hypocrisy, the party of leaks, the party of invent false accusations.
    Some on here think you have to be party loyal and if not you are being untrue and to them that is the ultimate sin. It is not about the party because the party has up and left them a long time ago. It is about the Country. Maintaining the Constitution, keeping our freedoms,

  11. They didn’t betray her. She is part of their agenda…part of the Deep State. She has very close ties with the CIA, both her Dad and Grandfather worked for them. She teaches a CIA prep. program to students at Stanford U. in CA. She is playing dumb to garner sympathy. She knows what the hell is going on…this isn’t a problem for her. It was part of the plan. Further, “leaking” that letter to the press is not a chargeable crime. Nothing will happen. Nothing ever does.

  12. In my opinion Feinstein MUST be removed – go – voted out of office and the sooner the better for the betterment of this our great Country. In my opinion she is an evil – vile person that is only looking out for herself and can NOT be trusted. What a shame for the citizens of California. Oh well, they are a bunch of liberal’s not worth much of anything.

  13. My late husband detested Feinstein because, he, being a gun collecter and hunter, she was for taking our guns away and she carried a small revolver in her purse. Hipocrit. Its not ok for the rest of the world, only for her, to own a gun.

  14. No socialist government has survived without being dictatorial . If you want to be disciplined , told what to eat , how to live , & where to travel with a permit, then vote for these jerk-water idiots – They don’t have to comply with these guidelines as they are part of their ruling regime ! We all have a vote so use it , but use it wisely, as our future life depends upon it !

    John S. Lamb
    U.S.M.C. Veteran

    1. Calling the Demonrats THE FORTH REICH is way too insulting to the Nazi party.

  15. I wish that POTUS would grow some big ones, and start jailing some of Americas’ Enemies, it’s long overdue, and alas POTUS sees’ no Urgency in this matter. O’BWAMA, and HILLARY & Family are still actively going against POTUS/America. The DIMS should be abolished, they are a horrible unamerican bunch of nitwits, that want to kill off all good about the U.S. Once and for all I wish TRUMP would have the gumption to start actually draining the SWAMP, instead of just tweeting about it. Something definetly needs to be done with the Democratic Party, they need to be shut down, and replaced maybe with an all new, and become an Independent party. I’ve never seen such a CORRUPT congress. We can’t just let it keep going and festering like it now is.

    Will we ever see any of Americas’ enemies jailed. Will we ever see Congressional Term Limits & MANDATORY RETIREMENTS? Will we ever see, English made the one and only, official language of America? Will we ever see, abolishment of Anchor Babies, Will we ever see, Abolishment of Lobbyists? Will we ever see, accountability from the Congress? Nah! these might as well be pipe dreams, the Deep State is just so big, it’ll never be brought down.

    1. Unfortunately, Sessions is blocking everything to do with his former colleagues. Trump seemed to believe he was an honest man, but he is the one who’s holding back the documents that Nunez and the committee continue to demand they’re released. We need another Attorney General who never held a seat in Congress and look for one that can’t be blackmailed by the demonRats. Trump can’t do it before the midterm. Someone who will pick America over any party loyalties. First rule of business is to terminate Rosenstein, who seems to be looking out for the political establishment and NOT AMERICA, choosing party loyalties over our country.

  16. Confirming Kavanaugh Is No Longer Enough.

    OH, our US Supreme Court Justice WILL be honorably & proudly Confirmed or disappearing devastations will happen

    and Feinstein not only has to go, but along with her, her whole damned demonically corrupt democrat party & lawmakers

    need to forever disappear and immediately

    this is the TRUMPing Truth
    this is my TRUMPing Truth!!!

  17. One thing that was left out of this is that the NAZIs ARE Socialists. They, despite what the media says are far left, not far right. It’s the left’s way of deflecting. They don’t want to be associated with NAZIs so they call them far right wingers. Far right wingers are calling for the absence of government not total control like the NAZIs had. The left also calls republicans racists. It just so happens that it was the republicans who fought to end slavery and voted for the civil rights bill. The democrats fought to keep slavery. They backed the KKK and most voted against the civil rights bill. LBJ didn’t want to sign it but he knew if he did he would have a voting block of clacks for 50 years. Well it’s been 50 years and guess what the black community is starting to realize just what democrats have not done for them, ever.

  18. My father and mother and all my brothers were democrats until they tried to screw George bush out of the 2000 election. That’s when we realized the Dumbos were becoming the scum-bags they have become. I personally feel that the current scum-bags , Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, Bleumenthal, Kmalia Harris, Dicky Durbin and Spartacus must go as they are the face of the new Communist Party. I am not kidding they MUST GO as they are the most repulsive creatures in politics today.

  19. It is time we get rid of Feinstein-at the same time investigate her actions ofter the period 15 years of age until now–see if she had acted in good spirt–or has sold the country down the tub—To me–the death of the Supervisor in San Franisco should be reinvestigated–for some reason I think she was invilved –in many ways–and also l;ookin her actions as a US Senator—-I AM DOING AND SAYING THIS__BECAUSE THE DEMOS THINKS THEY CAN BREAK THE LAW OR TELL LIES AND GET AWAY WITH IT__WHEN WE KNOW THEY ARE ONLY COVERING UP SOMETHING–if we find her out of line –cancel her retirement. and give her 000000

  20. This is a complete embarrassment to this country!! Yes the Democrats should be investigated due to Mrs.Fords letter should have been confidential as she requested. The Democrats should be investigated to see who leaked the letter, actions should be taken against them. These allegations are horrible. They have destroyed everything involved. This is a disgrace to our country. God help us all if the Democrats win the midterm elections!! Everyone needs to vote red!!! I will be voting red!!!

  21. As usual the overbearing Democrats have lost their minds. Mentally disabled in their thoughts and actions. You have destroyed yourselves with your actions and thinking. I just cannot imagine someone voting for any of your party members. Get a grip and get a life.

  22. It is about time that someone investigates this person. In my opinion “she” is a guilty as John Dillinger. She should be removed from the Senate and the sooner the better. Along with her pal Pelosi.

  23. Nazi (German: Nationalsozialismus) a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Nazi’s are Socialists as are Fascists. The Fascist conception of the State is all-embracing; outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have value.

  24. Feinstein needs a full and complete investigation but NOT BY CONGRESS. As they will do what they always do, protect their own. They will ignore it, say she was careless or slap her on the wrist and she’ll promise she won’t do it again, but before she returns to her office she’ll start it again. A real and thorough investigation by an outside agency to conduct it. Then, there are those government contracts that the companies who are owned by Richard Blum and the company’s he’s personally invested in always seems to win these government contracts. The lowest bid will win the contract. Is she requesting to see the lowest bid and then tells her husband to bid $5 less? I have worked for the agencies that put out these RFP’s but at the state level and not the federal level, but they work the same.

    Then, there is the 20 years of her driver who worked for the Chinese. And, now this, framing a man for something he has no knowledge of based off a vague and hazy memory by a liberal feminist who hates the man who nominated him to the seat. Now, today the knowledge that Feinstein has a relationship with three of Fords attorney’s and the fact that she has accused other men of sexual assault. WOW the democrats are really on a roll.

    1. The libs are so tuned into themselves that they actually believe the BS they are putting out there. They have so much contemp for the citizens that they think everyone else believes them too.
      These political hacks haven’t done the jobs that they are being paid to do but instead are persuing their own petty, political agendas.
      This particular action by them is like a snowball rolling down a mountain side. The longer it continues, the bigger it gets.
      They must be stopped…NOW!
      Remember?? Support and Defend the Constiturion of the United States of America. I do.
      It seems that the stars of the Demonratic party forgot that a long time ago.

  25. About time these psychotic Dumbascraps are taken to task for their anti-American policies. SMH.

  26. All of the Progressive Liberall Demoncrap Commies and RINOs all need to be pulled out of their homes and offices charged for Treason and engaging in Anti-American activities and Axe a cute ted in a public square. The will then realize what the penalty is for turning on the people they are supposed to represent.

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  28. I understand that Diane Feinstein is in her eighties, about the age when senility begins to set in. That may be what is beginning to ail her. It might be prudent for her to consider retirement BEFORE she gets into real trouble. There is no point in her dying in office.

  29. I have been observing latest actions by Diane Feinstein, her forgetfullness, and other short-comings and in view of her age, I am beginning to suspect she may be coming down with senility which would explain some of her short-comings lately.

  30. If all the Democrats in Congress were checked in their high school and College years. Washington would be a ghost town.

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  32. The Kavanaugh conformation process was a complete disaster and further proves “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the Democrat party can NO LONGER be trusted with power!!!

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  36. Just “Fake Outrage” …Talk, Photo Op’s bit No Congressional action!

    …Why, you may ask?

    For 3 months now, …the Republicans have NOT tried to act against the Supreme Court confirmation hearing outbursts, MSM lies, gross internet censorship or even discuss censure or expelling crazy Maxine Waters from Congress over her hate speech used to incite violence against conservatives!

    Most e/GOP RINO’s are very happy that their Democrat “sleaze machine” allies, the MSM and Maxine are carrying water for the “Never Trumper’s,” allowing them to quietly sit contently on their hands, that should be raised in anger to act and to expel her!

    Typical, Why expose the REAL truth when you can waste time asking the wrong questions!

    The e/GOP RINO’s are really Democrats in deed and action, if not in name!

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