President Trump Running Circles Around China

Secretary of Defense James Mattis has announced a strategic alliance with India that was largely ignored by the mainstream media – because most foreign policy “experts” don’t understand what just happened. The liberal media and the foreign policy intelligentsia are fixated on Russia due to the hatred of President Trump.

At the same time, the experts are blinded to the very real threat that China’s increasing militarization poses to the world. Fortunately for America and many of the world’s democracies, Trump and Mattis are ignoring the experts.

China is perhaps one of the greatest threats to world peace at this time, aside from the third great expansion of the Islamic Caliphate. Trump sees these threats and is acting on them, while the Old World Order screams and pulls its hair out.

Starting in Europe, Trump correctly asked what the purpose of NATO is today for America. In the Cold War, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created to stem the tide of Soviet aggression. In 2018, the Soviet Union has been gone for some 27 years. It no longer exists. Russia today is not the Soviet Union of the Cold War.

So, why is America still footing most of the bill for NATO? More importantly, why is America not striving for better relations with Russia, which clearly wants to normalize relations with America as an ally?

If NATO’s purpose was to stem the tide of communism into Europe, what is it doing today?

Africa is a mess today because of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, yet the foreign policy “experts” can’t even see what they did there. Obama and his former Secretary of State armed jihadi groups in Egypt, Syria and Libya in order to destabilize those countries. After taking out Gaddafi in Libya, the jihadis took the flood of Obama/Hillary guns that had flowed into Benghazi and took their show on the road.

Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad, northern Nigeria and Cameroon have all been destabilized by Islamic terrorism, primarily Al Qaeda, ISIS and Boko Haram. Central African Republic, with an 80% Christian majority, is now a failed state due to ongoing fighting with jihadis. It’s a big mystery to our foreign policy experts how this all started happening right after Hillary’s disastrous Benghazi bungle.

Which brings us to the map of Asia and the very real, very big threat that is Communist China. The Chinese are occupying uninhabited islands in the South China Sea and loading them up with radar, armaments, naval stations and more. They are a threat to shipping in the entire region and clearly want to be seen that way. With the current buildup, it’s only a matter of time before they get tired of flexing their military muscle and start using it.

And that brings us to Trump and Mattis’ new agreement with India. Under the terms of the newly-announced deal, India will be allowed to buy advanced American weaponry and the two nations will begin sharing military intelligence and sensitive technology. India also happens to be a nuclear power, right on China’s doorstep.

While India is still struggling as a largely dysfunctional nation, it wants to be a world player when it comes to trade and advancing its economy. If India succeeds in building up its own manufacturing base, shipping will become vital to its growth. India is clearly looking forward and seeing China’s control of the waterways on that side of the world as a threat. The media outlets that have bothered to even cover the new alliance with India all fail to recognize the elephant in the room, which is China.

Taking a step back and looking at the map, you can see for yourself what Trump’s pivot to Asia is accomplishing. India has China boxed in to the west. A billion-man army is not quite as intimidating if your next-door neighbor also has a billion-man army and some nukes. Far to the south, Australia is a strong American ally in the region.

To the east, we have Japan and soon, possibly a unified Korea. If President Trump succeeds in draining the swamp and normalizes relations with Russia, China is boxed in to the north. The Communist ruling party in Beijing’s dreams of global conquest won’t look so attainable if the nation is completely contained in a Trump-orchestrated box.

Just as NATO once served a purpose of containing the Soviet Union, Trump is remaking the map to contain China. He’s playing the long game, just as China is, while his enemies are too blind to look at a map and figure out what’s going on.

~ Freedom News Report

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282 Responses

  1. The Mainstream Media isn’t going to report anything that might make Trump look smart* they are so clouded with Hate, they intentionally fail to report anything Trump does to MAGA!!

  2. Trump is a master chess player the hatred of the left has blinded them to his brilliance, he knows exactly what moves need to made, the article is spot on about the damage Obama and his old pal Hillary did in the African nations they pretty much destroyed them on to of being responsible for the death of our American in Libya

  3. This why the main street press is an enemy of the country. They purposely hide any real news because of their hatred of this President. They have become America’s version of Pravda. This is unconscionable with a press that is free to report the real news.

  4. I enjoy knowing what is going with the military. President Trump, is one of the best that we have in saving peace in all nations. I believe President Trump was elected for a reason. To save our country from the evil in the white house. I pray every day that President Trump and his family will be protected. I am grateful that the military is being built up again. Yours truly ,Margie Rasmussen

  5. Go Trumpeter, you sly FOX, nail every DEMOCRAT you can, the Blacks are so stupid to have missed what he has tried to do for them, Booker and and others like Maxine need to have their homes raided, handcuff them, put an accountant to go thru everything they own and confiscate all of their treasures, them put them in the back of a truck and cross the Mexico border with them, give them each a bottle of water and a sandwich, take their cell phones and take off leaving them to really fend for themselves, if they get to the border, take them farther south this time with no water or food

  6. Talk about a comedy of errors! Liberal nit wits and the MSM really need to pull their heads out of their collective backsides and start supporting the POTUS We The People elected!

  7. Margie, you took the words right out of my mouth. I pray for Trumps family every day and yes, God sent him to help us and I truly believe it.

  8. God bless President Trump , family , staff , supporters

  9. Trump is no dummy and I am glad I voted for him. The current congress is worthless and has to be changed to ever do the job it was created for. At this point the courts are usurping the job of making laws as the morons in congress regress even more. Conservatives I believe are better prepared to move forward but after watching the actions of rinos like John McCain and the dem wits like Pelosi, Schmucky and their newbies like Cortez it is abundantly clear no one should trust these elected idiots to make any well thought out laws. It is impossible for them to approve anything without tacking on their pork and their multiple ideologies.

    It seems the dumbing down of the US and lowering standards to accomodate those who either can’t learn or refuse to learn or are just not prepared for school in the US at even the level of speaking English/American as in the illegal alien hordes has been successful per the leftie agenda. It has resulted in illiterate, poorly educated and uninformed graduates not only from the public schools but even colleges. The standards have been lowered for the classes of people who can NOT supposedly even get through high school. And those who do these days have to be carried in the same fashion through any other higher learning. This all has taken approximately 50 years to come to fruition and we are now clearly seeing those results in the newbies like Cortez. She is woefully ignorant and every time she opens her mouth it is evident. And those who voted for her? That speaks volumes about their cognizance as well.

    And since the school standards were lowered so too were the quotas initiated to hire these slow learners and underachievers. I believe that is where we got the Bozo from and the ilk of Cortez. Bozo is too old to excuse as uninformed. That social activist is an NWO person. He has no patriotic interest in the US only NWO. I do not assume that is who Cortez is. I think she is just a victim of the poor education she was given and likely smart enough to have done well in a true well rounded educational system which we do not have in public schools these days.

  10. Those on the Left need to have a plate glass window installed in their stomach, that way they can see whats going on while their commie head is up their AZZ.

  11. Keep up the great work President Trump! The best President ever! Not to mention the first lady she’s the best too!

  12. If you are in favor of Islam and communism you do exactly what Hillary and Obama did. You allow China to expand and fortify while giving arms to those that want to turn Africa and then the rest of the world islamic. There is an islamo-commie alliance currently with each player thinking they will take over by force once America and any other supporter of freedom in the world is destroyed. Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood are advancing that agenda from the United Nations side while China advances it from a more organic base of operations expansion side. Thus, the reason many of us voted against Hillary who made it not only clear she was corrupt but also that she would follow Obama’s policies in this anti-America endeavor. Stopping that was primary but Trump has turned out to be so much better for America than just that, which is why the islamo-commie funded establishment hates him so viciously.

  13. I’m so proud of your comments. I also believe Trump is GOD sent to save us from the TYRANTS like hildabeast, obama, soros, mad/ghetto max, etc! Notice how their OWN “thinking” gives them away as the dems accuse the President of what THEY are capable of doing! LOL! Look at what obama is trying to do to the “white” owners of property in Kenya! THAT’s what he was going to do to us, but we elected a REAL LEADER with GUTS and negotiating ability to SAVE us from the dumbo/commies plan for us!!! Thank you GOD!!! GO TRUMP!!!

  14. We are coming out of the Piracy Scandals and treachery which stood out like a Sore Thumb. And yet some persons are not thankful for our Great Trump Administration that has been HEALING OUR WOUNDS. Our jobs were being lost and our Economy was Sinking when President Trump took the reins. The rejuvenation of our jobs were implemented faster than many thought even possible. With the Disastrous Pirates gone the clean up is accelerating; jobs on the increase and a President at the Helm keeping America on Course we Americans are becoming Great Once Again.

  15. I am very thankful for President Trump and believe he truly loves the USA! Only by the grace of God is he able to withstand the fake news and face the lies and hatred directed towards him on a daily basis! I know those of us who do believe in the Creator continue to pray for him, his family and the few other representatives that want what is best for American and in the long run, the best for the entire world!
    I believe the liberals are afraid of President Trump and that is why they hate him so. He can’t be bought or blackmailed. He stands up for what is right. He isn’t perfect, none of us are, but he is exactly where America needs him to be! We Christians will continue to pray for God to continue to strengthen him, give him the wisdom and fortitude to continue on the path he taking and continue to take our country in the direction it is going with him as our president and continue to drain the rotten and stinking swamp and protect our borders!
    I’m praying all conservatives will come out in full force in the upcoming November election, vote for conservative representatives that believe in our Constitution and who will support our president! Elect representatives who will respect the people who voted for them and give honor to the positions for which they are elected! President Trump needs honest, true and genuine conservatives to work with him for the good of all of Americans!

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  17. Please. No one sees China as a threat? We all see it, it has nothing to do with being right or left. They are an autocracy just like Russia. The Indian democracy is a great hope for the future. And to blame the basket case of Africa on Obama is a joke, Africa has been dysfunctional in the entire post-colonial era. Stop trying to have Americans divided.

  18. Only a fool would not agree that China has aspirations of militarily and economically surpassing the USA. Recently they alliwed their Pres to stay in power for ever or as long as he’s alive. China is a Communistic Country that despised our Democracy. China paid for a majority of Slick wilky’s 2nd term. The Clintons heavily invested in China AND moved many of our manufacturing jobs to Chinas slave labor. China continues to steal billions worth of our a intellectual property. Had HRC been elected, she would have made sure China was, at the very least, be equal to us and most likely surpass us.
    It’s time we stop China in their tracks. They can do what they do and we will do us. We should stop importing the majority of “junk” made in China and/or stop buying the junk made in China. Pres Trump has already tried to stop China’s dumping of cheap steel & has revitalized our steel manufacturing.
    Sorry China, Hussein Obama is no more. Pres Trump is working for America & Americans. We don’t want or need you.

  19. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway,
    just wanted to say great blog!

  20. Unfortunately, a majority of my co-workers and neighbors will say: “If the media doesn’t cover something, then it never happened.”

  21. Our family is behind President Trump and his actions/polices that are aimed to not only MAGA but to Make America Safe Always. America has been in danger since the Clinton Presidency, which lead to the 911Terror Attacks that killed and continues to kill thousands and thousands of American citizens. Bush did only what the Liberal Congress allowed him to do in retaliation for the 911 attacks and then we got saddled by what can only be called the most horrific, Anti-America President to have ever sat in OUR White House, Barrack ‘Hussein’ ‘Obama’. It still confuses me as to how Americans became so gullible post 911 as to elect a man named ‘Hussein’ after all the time, money and blood of our brave military forces that finally captured and killed Saddam ‘Hussein’, one of the terrorist behind the attacks. This is the same President named ‘Obama’ that still, to this day, takes ‘personal credit for killing ‘Osama’ bin Laden’ also one of the terrorist that murdered so many Americans. We now have a President that is beholding to no one but us, the American people, as per his own choice. POTUS Trump is keeping the promises he made to the American people. He takes no salary and runs this country just as he has done with his enormously successful businesses. It is for this reason the anti-Trump haters, liars and angry Democrats are fighting every action our President has taken to MAGA. He has done this despite all the fake news media attempts to have him declared an illegitimate President and the DNC members of our Senate and Congress that suck up to their big money donors by making false accusations and challenging every attempt to improve the way in which our government is run. They do not want to upset the cart that is hauling their fat asses around in luxury, with pockets filled by the bribe monies they accept and the tax dollars they steal from each of us. Personally, I think it is past time that WE, the Deplorable American people that voted for and support President Trump, to take back America and send the selfish, old, angry dissenters within our government offices back home, unemployed. Actually, I think we can do that in November if each and everyone of us and all those we can get to join us, to first, go vote for the GOP candidates and second, make sure that there is NO illegal/fraudulent votes cast by the people that get paid to cheat us out of an honest election process. WE CAN DO THIS! TOGETHER!!!

  22. An interesting analysis of the political stage. Something we should all be watching. It redefines the push and pull of political, economic and military influence.

  23. There is no question that President Trump is God’s Gift to America. The democratic party is not the party of FDR or JFK, today it has evolved into the Democratic Communist Party and the Commies will say or do anything they can to OBSTRUCT the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION in any way they can. Remember this, a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Communism. GO TRUMP ! GO PENCE ! MAGA ! Sincerely, Martin Korab

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