Who Is the Op-Ed Traitor? These Are the Top 5 Candidates

The New York Times “resistance” op-ed is the talk of the town. It is potentially one of the biggest acts of betrayal in modern politics. It also represents a complete breakdown of law and order, and it could mean very bad things for our country.

The New York Times is proud of that. They’re also still refusing to tell the world who wrote the article, and that tells more than you might think. Someone attacked Trump in an extremely public and cowardly way. Today you can view the most likely candidates of that attack based on what we know so far.

Jon Huntsman

Our ambassador to Russia is definitely near the top of the list of likely candidates. He’s pretty much as close to a never-Trumper as anyone can be and still work for the President. He’s an old-school, establishment Republican. Because of that, he fancies himself as a presidential hopeful in the near future.

If he turned out to be the writer, it would be a mixed bag for him. He would lose Trump loyalists, but he could reveal himself to try and win votes from the left. That would mean he is assuming the impending blue wave is real, and it would make him a high-level traitor to his own party. So, he’s on the list, but he’s not number one.

Robert Mueller

Ok. For this to be Robert Mueller himself would mean this is one of the very dumbest moves made by any politician or law-enforcement member in U.S. history. More realistically, this could be someone on Mueller’s team, and oh wouldn’t that be par for the course.

Mueller’s juniors have already outed themselves as biased to a point of compromise on multiple occasions, and it would almost be shocking if this op-ed was anything other than another glaring welt on the face of our disgraced FBI.

If this was the case, it would also make the Times a liar (big surprise there), since Mueller’s cronies are anything but high-ranking officials on Trump’s staff.

Jeff Sessions

It’s a little bit painful to even mention this name. Sessions’ biggest sin so far has been recusing himself from the Russia probe. Even the most loyal Trump supporters can acknowledge that, at the time, it seemed a reasonable choice.

It hasn’t necessarily panned out that way, and that’s why Sessions has received more public criticism from Trump than anyone. It’s not beyond the realm of reason for Sessions to capitulate under that pressure and lash out at Trump. That said, he’s the least likely of the five we’re looking at today.

No One

This is the second most likely scenario. And, you can see why it’s so likely. How far-fetched would it be for the Times to be faking this whole thing? It’s not like it would be the first time they faked major news. More importantly, they hold all the keys. Supposedly, they’re the only ones who know who actually wrote the piece. Since no one in Trump’s staff is likely to take credit, they can play the mystery card to generate buzz and make money.

Regardless of who wrote the piece, it’s important to remember that this is a marketing stunt. It’s for the sake of making money. If they can hurt Republicans in the process, then that’s just a bonus for them. If we don’t have a hard name within two weeks of the op-ed being published, you can rest assured that the whole thing is fake.

Some Nobody

Fake news comes in at number two. Partially fake news comes in at number one. More than anyone else you could hope to name, the writer of the piece is most likely someone you can’t name. It’s the undersecretary of White House lunches. It’s a person who has no clout but technically works at the White House. They’ve had “resistance” discussions with a janitor and some visiting school teachers, and that’s about the extent of how they’re “fighting” Trump.

The simple truth is that Trump’s inner circle has risked a lot to support him. Shooting that effort in the foot makes no sense. So, the NYT published this op-ed by a nobody because that’s the best they can get. They did their fake news thing to overhype it all and get more attention.

As painful as it is to admit, it’s a clever stunt for a failing newspaper to try and stay relevant. Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for the country) the Times is going to eat big losses when the truth inevitably emerges.

Remember one thing in all of this. If the op-ed really was written by someone working for Trump, there’s only one traitor. The Times’ aim was ultimately to sow discord among Republicans. They see the fissure threatening their own party and they want to level the playing field.

The most important thing here is to not level baseless accusations and instead wait for hard facts. We’re conservatives, after all. We enjoy the privilege of being able to follow rational thinking. Most importantly, one thing we know with absolute certainty is that at least four of the people on this list are not the traitor. Save that anger for the real enemy.

~ Freedom News Report

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173 Responses

    1. The article fairly smacked of the things O said of President Trump when she was caught recording conversations and shown the door. According to others she recorded nearly everybody she came in contact with. She is a spiteful spoiled woman, with a known animus against Trump now that he has fired her twice. It would be nearly impossible to believe that she wasn’t approached by a number of people trying to get dirt on Trump. And knowing she was fired from Trump’s show it may have been revenge initially until she found she could sell it and make a bundle. People has do not normally go around taping conversations, particularly in the White House.
      She could easily have teamed with Woodward prior to getting the job and went to work for Trump with the intent to sell him out! I have another idea as to why she went there but I will no opine on it here. I firmly believe it was her, the timing is right, the things said resembled her rant, and she had the access to go freely about enough giving her access, motive, means, and opportunity more than anybody we know of! She taped conversations and used bits and pieces of each to cobble up a statement or give it to somebody else for a story. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it! At least until a better explanation comes out!

  1. for a supposed genius trump is stupid as hech first off the reason people believe it is because his actions tell us there true. the only reason he probably likes fox is his son is sleeping with someone who worked there or he is involved in it some how. but people need to start thinking without listening to him because there are so many lies out there but most of them are out there from him, 2 he flip flop all over the place from one minute to the next doesn’t help either. 3 slamming people into the supreme court that are yes people to him because they won’t do his bidding, well when you are trying to force something that is unconstitutional you find out what you have to do to make it right not throw people in there who will do as you say , because that is still unconstitutional other then you forced the government to do an illegal act to do it., but if you want a first hand example think of giovanti that true isn’t true well if it isn’t then is a lie to every american out the truth , cause if it is then when testor as trump said lied to america should be forced to resign for lying to america then why hasn’t trump resigned for all the lies he has said. but before long the republicans are going to see that they have a problem on there hands and the longer they wait to see if it is going to get better what are you waiting for him to become a dictator well hes there and its going to get worse before it gets better. the question is how much worse can the republicans take before he destroys the republican party all together.


    2. Patrick, you obviously are a good writer but your TREATISE fails the smell test, for it truly is a nothing-burger!! Where is the story in all the mumbly-muck…no story, no proof, “SAME OLD STORY, SAME & SONG & DANCE!!!” Credit to Steven Tyler & Aerosmith: TOYS IN THE ATTIC!

      1. Sorry Bernard Doug Cook. Patrick is not a good writer. Let me give you some of the reasons: He does not punctuate; his spelling and use of words is atrocious, he starts with one subject and ends up with another, he drops a numeral (digit) throughout without explanation. He uses names unknown to anyone else in the world; there is no structure to his one sentence, how could there be. Worst of all, his bits of fact are scrambled beyond comprehension.

  2. Hey, Patrick, I’ve seen idiots in my life, but you excel in idiocy. The bullshit you uttered is absolute first class when it comes to sickness of the mind, lack of education and total separation from the real world. You need medical help!!! But even that will not help much since you are uneducated, stupid and blind

  3. Typical demorat.. Lie , lie and then lie some more. Probable writers is Woodward, faux president obozo, and NYT. They are extremely bias!

  4. NYT has been known to fabricate stories. It could even be a reporter from one of the networks. The truth will come out eventually like it did with the FBI, DOJ, Hillary, Obama, the digital cabal.

  5. I read online that parts of the op-ed were lifted verbatim from a USC college student’s essay posted on a website shared by students and professors. Has that been verified? The op-ed is likely a NYT stunt to divide-and-conquer the Trump administration.

  6. I personally believe that the NYT did this misdeed , putting the blame on The Trump Administration.

  7. We all know it was Pajama Boy. No one would give him a job until he took a shower and brushed his teeth. Dirty, Dirty Democrats.

  8. I almost feel Brennan is behind this do to the threats and the way they are worded sounds like Brennan’s DNA to me. Brennan & Clapper are definitely the key players in the FBI, CIA, DOJ scandal.

  9. Who Is the Op-Ed Traitor? These Are the Top 5 Candidates

    Although I could and have been wrong to issues as this 1

    I also know that the political neverTRUMPers are fearfully desparate to remain in our US Powers

    which leads to my common’sense acknowledgement that are trying anything & everything

    they can possibly say & do to throw President TRUMP off of his unequivocal prosperous successes

    which is make is also prospering them & killing them politically

    regardless they want/need control of President TRUMP in everyway possible

    because more importantly their political lives, futures & powers are diminishing

    right before their eyes and they can’t fathom any life with those powerful gifts

    that’s not theirs to own, and they have come to believe & lay ownership to

    and those neverTRUMPers are LOSING their god powers

    and so they’ve all come up with their ??tactical anonymous ghost op-ed writer

    completely fictional character to hopeful keep our US President TRUMP to hopefully

    bitting his nails and off his successful Presidential game

    SO they can still keep their impeachment threat over his head

    because really that’s all the neverTRUMPers can do, still unsuccessful

    and that’s my Truth!!!

  10. NYT wrote it, they are going down the tubes, they needed something to try and sell papers. They will be closed shortly.

  11. This probably is a stunt by the Trump hating NYT and no one in the Trump administration. It’s sickening to have a media source so left leaning to spread lies to the American people.

  12. I Believe the one person left off of this list Is Traitor Ryan he has been doing the bidding of the donors for a long time now and He has shown his distain every time he has been asked to do something for the President He finds a way not to do it.. and I
    have stopped helping the RNC and anyone who is already apart of the swamp because I think they are all working against this President

    I will tell you my reason for thinking that Ryan has something to do with this,
    last year there was a group of the never trumpers who went up to some lodge to meet with Romney and the discussion was how they were going to remove President Trump from office I VP Pence was apart of that group and I am sorry but every time there is trouble any where Pence is always away on another trip
    sorry but these are my feeling and when I first heard about this OP ED my thoughts went straight to this group of people
    a few weeks ago Ryan said he had gone against the President on several occasions and he had kept him from making a mistake but who is the one making the mistakes people now look at
    Ryan as the loser he really is, and its going to be tough on him when he takes that big paying job for people to trust this back stabbing traitor and by the way
    He made sure he gave Obama every thing he wanted and so did McConnell
    another person who does not want to help this president do anything about the wall

  13. My top 5 picks are: Senators , booker, Warren, Flake and Sasse and most likely Bob Woodward or some other lying POS on the Washington bubble.

  14. I think it is Elizabeth Warren. Yesterday she gave an outline as to how to get rid of President Trump and op-ed is the first thing to do and the second is impeach him. I believe her to be corrupt and dishonest and would do this in a heart beat. I can’t believe how corrupt the whole Democratic party has become and their followers are just as bad. I have one question, How many mentally sick people can be in one party???? They have all turned out to be very violent people that can not control themselves. We the people have voted President Trump into office and that is who we want. In 6 years, they can vote someone they want unless we vote someone better. Just accept it and get on with life, Trump is here to stay. I support him 1,000%. Let’s stand behind him and help him to help us. We knew that draining the swamp would be hard but he is doing it, if Hillary had won we would still not know what was going on in our Government and it would still be going on.
    Stay on the Trump train and show support and get out and vote midterm, he needs our help and that is our duty.

  15. God knows & it will come to light. Its a shame that anyone who had nothing to do with it should be under suspicion of writing that. I wonder if it could be the result of more than just one anti-Trump person.

  16. I seem to recall that The Late Senator John McCain did a lot of Plotting against Our President, even planning exploits to come out in Print, after his Death.
    John McCain was Obsessed with the Ruination of President Trump & it would not be unreasonable to consider him or his Ugly Clone, Meghan, to have had a hand in this Treasonous Diatribe in Print.
    Both Father & Daughter are/were fairly vicious Actors!

  17. It was the NYT. Any newspaper worth anything would NEVER publish anonymously. Everyone knows anonymous opinions are worth nothing.

  18. I know this may sound far fetched , but think of this. Abby Huntsman left Fox and went to The View and Jon Huntsman is her father. It is just too much of a coincidence in my mind. Could be completely off base, but it’s a hunch that I have. I hope my hunch is just that, a hunch and nothing more.

  19. I’d not thought about Jon Huntsman, who is just another fake church of salt lake city shill. He’s so much like mittmoud who is also one of those.

    Shirley he could have written it, but I still think it was something the nyt pulled out of thin air.

  20. Of course it is FAKE NEWS or a NOBODY. Really the resistance can’t stand that our lives are improving under this presidents leadership. I am a case in point. For 10 plus years under the previous two administrations I worked for a good company. During that time merit raises where limited to a maximum of 3% and that was awarded only by achieving some very challenging goals. On top of this “help” with operating needs where limited due to economic conditions. Well, President Trump and Congress gave all of us a raise of 2% without a merit review or goal achievement. Just reasonable tax reform.
    This coupled with the fact that enormously improved economic conditions have added to the workforce increasing the number of participants contributing to Social Security, provides for us all a brighter future. USA! USA!

  21. It has been many many years now, but wasn’t Patty Hurst, the daughter of the owner of the NYT’s?????? She got away with the bank robbery because of daddy having the money to do so, so this maybe just another ploy to try to get President trump!!!! But my money is on sessions, because President Trump has been on his ass for not doing his job!!!!!!

  22. I think that this story was a fabrication from a “journalist’s” mind. I think it is TDS that caused some fool to dive off the deep end. If there’s no name sttached to this article it should have never been published, and should not be taken seriously.

  23. We should not be surprised by the fact that NYT is owned by the same company that owns the Chicago Tribune. Another example of fewer and fewer people decing what the public will be allowed to read.

  24. Wow, everyone now suddenly believes the New York Times is CREDIBLE??

    The ‘anonymously’ written opinion-editorial was written by the NY Times. Even they know by now that, “NO NAME” has more credibility than the NY Times.

    As Mark Twain once said,
    “If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed.”

  25. Can’t be any Demo. Rino, Warren,Obama,Booker( now he would love everyone to think he did,the dumb-ass) Rev.(ha!) Sharpton he can’t spell most of the words in the letter, Biden(he wasn’t that smart in the last 8 years) he never told on his boy friend, and last but never forgotten Mr. Mc Cann from the grave…..My guess that the New York Times really has KNOW ideal who wrote it…..Mr Trump should have gotten everyone that looked like Democrat,talked like a Democrat,or voted like a Democrat fired them all…….They will push this until the mid-term elections…..Rep.need to VOTE<VOTE<VOTE……..

  26. All any intelligence person needs to do is consider the answer to one question, who stands to benefit from the statements published in the fake news op-ed published
    By fthe NY Times submitted by a anonymous unnamed source. Could it be the new wing of the Democratic socialist party.. It would serve no purpose to further the efforts of the GOP to maintain majority control of the house and senate.. Or could it be the Times itself?

  27. I think it is Rod Rosenstein – Deputy Attorney General. And I think he is aware he is about to be exposed and is dropping this as a cover story for the outrageous things he has done. He needs a powerful altruistic story to sell it without being drawn in to the conspiracy. Speaking of which, since this is likely the greatest threat to our Constitution, why can’t whoever is running this for the administration > Call in the NSA to test their giant data base to find contacts between the usual suspects and the NYT, and those conversations that prove what happened. Don’t worry about if evidence can be used in court, JUST FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED AND STOP IT!

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  29. A simple statement! To sell a book that is full of your Opinions, Use unnamed sources. That way nothing can ever be verified .

  30. My guess is that it is a fabrication by the NYT. If you really want to know, start praying that the truth will be made known. God Bless America. God bless President Trump.

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  39. >> Notice < The NY TIMES (formerly a reputable US newspaper) rarely takes or posts comments from American patriots sick of our slanted anti-American worker, anti-US Constitution, anti-Trump and racist liberal bias. Please Air Mail your complaints, taped to a brick, through any west side window of our main office between 3am and 5am for proper consideration by our editors. 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY Thank You, in advance for your submissions! <

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