All This Impeachment Talk is Hogwash

The liberal media used the word “impeachment” 222 times on air in the first day after former Trump attorney Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to some campaign finance violations. Impeaching Donald Trump is a fantasy. Won’t happen.

Even assuming Democrats win the House in November and are dumb enough to try to impeach the president, his lawyers could file an immediate appeal to the Supreme Court and have it thrown out. Here’s why:

First, if anyone tries to bring up impeachment for Russian collusion with you, demand that they cite the law that Trump has broken. Not in a vague sense, but the actual federal statute. We’ve looked for 2 years and haven’t found one.

The only “collusion” laws on the books have to deal with antitrust cases, not election law. If a person cannot cite an actual law that they have in mind, kindly request that they shut their pie hole, because they don’t know what they’re talking about. Even Politico, which has branded itself as a member of the #Resistance media, has admitted, “Collusion is not a federal crime.” (July 12, 2017, What is Collusion? Is It Even a Crime?)

“Fine,” they huff. “Then it’s conspiracy!”

Okay. Let’s look at USC § 371, “Conspiracy to commit offense or defraud the United States.” We’ll even pretend that the Russian collusion fantasy took place for this one.

Please explain how Donald Trump committed an offense against the United States government, assuming he knew that Vladimir Putin “hacked” the DNC emails and gave them to WikiLeaks, where they were published online? We’ll wait.

Another way of phrasing the request is this: Please explain how conducting an act of journalism, similar to what the mainstream media does to every Republican every day, was an offense against the United State government? Spoiler alert: Embarrassing an organization by publishing their private emails is not a crime against the US government.

Next question: How much money did Donald Trump defraud the US government of, by colluding with Vladimir Putin to publish the DNC’s truthful emails on WikiLeaks? If he didn’t commit an offense against the US government or trick the government into giving him money, there’s no “conspiracy” crime.

At this point, impeachment fantasists usually fall back on their next argument, which is, “But Nixon! Obstruction of justice!”

Did Richard Nixon fire his Attorney General while he was under investigation? Yes, he did.

Was President Nixon impeached for that? No, he was not.

Go back and read the Articles of Impeachment against Nixon if you don’t believe us on this one. Nixon tried to have evidence destroyed and he tried to suborn perjury from his subordinates. Those are actual crimes that rise to the level of “obstruction of justice,” for which Nixon was impeached. Also, there was an actual initiating crime in Nixon’s case – a burglary – unlike the Russian collusion, which is a fictitious crime.

Firing someone is not an impeachable offense. A president can fire any Executive branch employee for any reason. He can fire someone for insubordination, clumsiness, having a unibrow or simply not liking the cut of their jib. Trump could have written on James Comey’s pink slip, “I am firing you because you have a suitcase full of evidence of my Russian collusion” and it would not have been an impeachable offense. A president cannot be impeached for carrying out their duties under the Constitution – and managing Executive branch staff is one of those duties.

Here’s another example: When Bill Clinton told his secretary, “I was never alone with Monica, right?” – That was an example of suborning perjury and obstruction of justice. There is no evidence that Trump told anyone to lie to investigators to protect him.

Here is the real ace in the hole (or “trump card,” if you prefer). A president and vice president cannot be impeached for anything they did before they were in office. Obama admitted in his autobiography that he smoked pot, a federally controlled substance, many years ago. He broke an actual federal law and not a fantasy Russian collusion law, but because it was before he was in office, Obama could not be impeached for that “high” crime.

Everything in the Russian collusion fantasy “took place” in 2016, before President Trump took office. Even if Trump were guilty of everything he’s been falsely accused of, he was not president at the time and therefore cannot be impeached for those acts.

This is why the Democrats are suddenly backpedaling from their impeachment frenzy before the 2018 midterms. It was all fun and games when it didn’t matter, but they know they don’t have a case against President Trump and all this impeachment talk will only hurt them in the midterm elections.

The only people who don’t seem to realize this are Maxine Waters and the thousands of reporters who are too lazy to look up federal laws.

~ Freedom News Report

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252 Responses

  1. I do NOT believe in IMPEACHMENT!!!! That would be.a BIG Mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We elected him so let us Respect him and Support him!!!!! Trump
    says some dumb things but NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!!!

  2. The TDS is real in these far left minds. They are delusional and do not live in a normal world so they feel that if they keep saying some loud and long enough it will be true. God help us if they somehow slither back into power.

  3. They are not a true Democract, The American people should be considered first, than chasing the cloud they won’t catch. President Trump is a good on the right road to lead America to the greatest.

  4. Why would you Impeach someone who has made our country great again. Only corrupt liberals want this!!

  5. Whom ever these people are they must be VERY VERY challeneged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. No high crimes or misdemeanors here. The dems are living in la-la land. Bunch of obstructionists and weasels. The democrats have become an acute embarrassment to this country. It breaks my heart to see how far down the rabbit hole they have gone. Shame on them.

  7. Jesus called his disciples together and said, ‘You know that the rulers in this world lord it over their people, and officials flaunt their authority over those under them. But among you it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant.’” Matthew 20:25-26 (NLT)
    These wise words from Jesus remind me of the lessons my parents taught me. They were a great example of what it meant to live a life of service and helping others.
    Jesus’ statement in Matthew 20 came during a discussion He had with His disciples about leadership. They were asking how they could get promoted up the ladder of authority in His organization. In fact, two of the disciples, James and John, asked for the positions of second in command in the Kingdom.
    Jesus responded by telling them that in the Kingdom of God, greatness is defined by how well we serve and how much we help others.
    We like to judge people by how confident they look or how much control they exert over the people following them. Isn’t it wonderful to hear Jesus speak and realize He doesn’t want us to do things the way the world does? Jesus wants just the opposite. Jesus says the real heroes, the ones He values most, are the people who help others. In Matthew 20:25-26, “But Jesus called them together and said, ‘You know that the rulers in this world lord it over their people, and officials flaunt their authority over those under them. But among you it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant.’”
    Who is serving the people of America and her citizens, is it the democrats or our President Trump who is trying to protect our borders, our citizens; and yet sanction cities are allowing illegal people in who are breaking the law and many are harming our people, many of illegals are murders, thieves, and break the law day after day and they are untouchable because they are protected by the leader in that community, who is breaking the law allowing the criminals to remain free to commit more crimes and hurt more people. This is not doing a service to the community harboring these people it is giving them a place to hide and continue to hurt the citizens you are support to serve and protect. WAKE UP These officials should be removed from their position and someone that cares take over and make the area safe again and obey the laws. PTL for people whos want to serve and help people by obeying the law, not helping criminals to remain free. We NEED to CLEAN UP THE CORRUPTION IN OUR VILLAGES, TOWNS, CITIES, COUNTIES, STATE TO MAKE IT SAFE FOR THOSE THAT ARE CITIZENS, PAY TAXES (YOUR WAGES WE PAY, BUT YOUR NOT OBEYING THE LAW BY HARBORING CRIMINALS) AMERICAN’S GET OUT AND VOTE REPUBLICIANS WHO WILL SERVE YOU AND HELP YOU MORE THEN ANY CROOKED DEMOCRATE or politician whos wants to break the law. Lets help make President Trump in MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN….PTL we are servants of who OBEY HIS WORD in serving one another doing His Work throughout our world and area we live.

  8. Impeachment is not hogwash! The radical left, aka the Demorat Party, has been planning impeachment starting the day after the 2016 election! Over two months before Trump took office! If they regain congressional control they will do just that. All they will need is 51 votes in the Senate. Impeachment is addressed in Article ll, Section 4 of the Constitution. A President can be removed for treason, bribery, or “High crimes and misdemeanors”! What high crimes and misdemeanors means is not spelled out, therefore high crimes and misdemeanors mean whatever the left wants that to mean. In their eyes Trump’s defeat of Queen Hillary is a high crime! It will matter not whether Trump has done anything wrong or not! Impeachment will have nothing to do will the rule of law, it will have everything to do with political expediency! The left is so full of hate for this President they have convinced themselves the American People share that hatred. There is one upside, the left is destroying the myth they are the harbingers of love, compassion, benevolence and inclusion for all the world to see.

  9. History will PROVE that our duly elected president was honestly elected to preside over this great land of ours, we have been given a reprieve, for now. I hope and pray that nothing bad happens to this man & that we have another 4 years of his distinct leadership.

  10. The Democrats have become lying, crooked, will do anything including murder to get what they want. They care nothing about our country all they want is power. Look at all the tax bills they have passed, then blow our national debt out of control. The worst thing ever was Obama who decreased our military to where we could not defend ourselves, raised the race difference to another civil war, started a war on our police & all who defend us, made a mess of our health care, & kissed the asses of Muslim countries. Biggest disgrace ever & add Maxine Waters who couldn’t be more stupid.

  11. President Trump will not be impeached just a witch hunt the prosecutor has found nothing except going back in the pass and not doing nothing he said he was going to do ! He flip the scrip on people who were working with President Trump ! Someone needs to do the prosecution what he’s doing to President Trump. We read one way scrips everyday that has no face value in Collusion Between the President and Russia ! Will be the worst as history will show how the taxpayers were left on the hook.

  12. Trump has done more for this country than ANY President in recent history! I am a recovering Democrat and have drummed up 50 more people to vote for Mr Trump. in my Opinion, Democrats are the biggest thieves in this country Bar none!! They go to Washington broke and come out Millionaires, And Obama is making such an ass out of himself for acting like a cry baby, Instead of bowing out gracefully he is doing everything to undermine Trump. You can tell he is as high as a Georgia Pie. All you have to do is look at him to tell he stays high most of the time . And has done more damage to this country than anyone He and Hillary Clinton should be in prison for treason. For the life of me I simply don’t know why it’s not happening, Is all of the Republicans afraid to do something?

  13. If the democrats succeed in their impeachment plan then the blood that will be spilled within this country will be on their hands. If it comes to that then everyone that votes for impeachment should be impeached likewise. They are no better than sewer rats and should be the first to go. This is BS and I am surprised that no REAL democrat is not speaking out about this stupidity. Obviously the democrats only care about their wishful power and to hell with the United States. Hopefully, every American that loves this country will come to their senses and vote all of these turncoats out of office. I spent 20 years of my young life in the military supporting this country and it just turns my stomach to see what is happening.

  14. IMPEACHMENT will not happen!! If the DEMONCRATS lose in the midterms, then the Democratic Party needs to DISSOLVE!!!

  15. People what it is all about is corruption the democrats no with out the vote of the blacks and Hispanic they have no chance to win any seat in the White house. They also know that sooner or later President Trump will drain the swamp they also know that they can’t control him like the could Mrs. Crook if she had won one crook need control over another control. The bickering back and forth of the democrats is the reason i changed my affiliation after 2 years investigation a suppose crime you have gotten no further than you have and still going make no sense. But if you will notice they are trying every thing in the book to get rid of Mr.Trump And if we let this happen then we are crooks like the crooks that is trying to impeach the President.

  16. Our president ,because of America’s success under his leadership, is more popular than ever. If the Demo’s want our nation ripped apart just let them try it. If they do I predict it would be the end of the Democratic party, Waters, Pelosi and the lot. GOOD REDDANCE.

  17. Democrats started talking about impeachment the day after the election as though that would reverse to results. Some have recently been back peddling because they are concerned it may hurt their chances in the mid term elections. But it nonetheless remains their number one goal. Everything they do is done with this in mind. They don’t have any constitutional justification for impeachment. But at least one democrat suggests that they can define the terms and use any justification they see fit. One bill of impeachment was introduced in the House but got shot down. That is the only reason that they have not already impeached the President. They don’t currently have enough votes in the house to pass a bill of impeachment nor do they have enough seats in the Senate to get a conviction and removal from office.

  18. Democrats, Do a little research on your own and you’ll find a large number of Democrats in the house have joined Bernie Sanders and are listed as Democratic-Socialist. I had no idea of this but it’s the truth. God, Our beloved country seems to be going to hell in a handbasket. Is it that our citizens are not aware of the evil taken place by some of our so called leaders or they just don’t give a darn. I am sure of one thing. Washington, Adams, Jefferson. and other great patriots would turn over in their graves if all their blood, sweat and tears had been for nothing. It was no accident that Clinton got beat and the only think I fault Our President for is that he let her off the hook. She needs to be charged for her crimes and tried in a court of law.

  19. EVERYONE knows democrats, liberals and their puppets HATE AMERICA AND TRUE AMERICANS!!! They are pulling any and every trick they can to win in Nov. They are also going after everyone who has dealings w/Trump or is a Republican in the government!!! If you notice the few dems that have been charged with a crime, are still running around scott-free but yet the reps and Trump assoc. are going through HELL!!! Dems are putting TRUE AMERICANS through HELL and it needs to STOP OR EVERYONE AND AMERICA WILL BE DESTROYED!!! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE REPUBLICAN ALL THE WAY AND TRUMP IN 2020!!! LET’S PROTECT AMERICA AND HER PEOPLE AND KEEP HER SAFE AND PROTECT PRESIDENT TRUMP AND REPUBLICAN PARTY!!!

  20. The stock market would tank.. It’s @ 26 + now up from 18.. There’s more but I’ll let Stewart Varney explain!!

  21. If President Trump Is Impeached Over This Russian Collusion Lie It’s CIVIL WAR!
    This has nothing to do with liking or disliking Trump, it’s about a President
    being set up by our own FBI. If they can do that to a sitting President just think
    what they would do to you. I worked my entire adult life with and for the USAF
    and what Democrats want to do to this President, just because they lost an
    election, makes me Sick. IF I did a fraction of the illegal things Hillary Clinton
    did I’d be in Leavenworth Federal Prison for life.

  22. The Democrats would be sealing their own fate, should they TRY to IMPEACH TRUMP !!!!! Therefore I welcome them to TRY !!!!

    It will send a message to everyone from moderate Democrats, to far- right Conservatives, just how FAR LEFT they are moving into the SOCIALIST/Communist Orb.

    BRING IT ON !!!!!

  23. Impeachment of President Trump would mean civil war and that you can bet on for sure.The crooked slimy liberal democrats are really looking for trouble if they try this.

  24. Why can’t the commy libs just leave him alone to do his job. He will never b impeached.

  25. If Trump is removed then it will signal the total and complete loss of our government to the deep state commies. It is already Shocking enough that the FBI and DOJ conspired to overthrow our elected government and remain unpunished for treason; now add impeachment and the load to carry becomes too great. The nation will tear itself apart with an internal war far bloodier than the tragic war for Southern Independence ever could achieve. With a very sad heart I believe that the conflict will come; especially when one side refuses to listen to reason. VICTORY TO THE CONSTITUTIONALISTS!!! DEATH TO THE COMMUNISTIC SCUM!!!

  26. Trump is the best President since Regan. Democrats are just dumb. Why is Hillary Clinton NOT IN PRISON she is so CORRUPT President has done more in the little time he has been President than Obama did in 8 years Obama should be in Prison also for releasing all the KILLER Obama FREE I want Democrats to stop wasting TAX MONEY to TRY TO FIND SOMETHING THAT IS NOT THERE

  27. The Democrats are crybabies, because they lost the election, they hate all republicans, including the President. This is why I became Independent.

  28. That was one of the BEST articles I have read concerning the Impeachment of our president and how it is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.My only hope is that the American People wake up and smell the coffee in November and vote Republican or we are all in trouble….From our Bank Accounts to our Investments and especially our SAFETY in AMERICA with Democratic control the American People will be in Dire Straits and in HARM’S Way FOR SURE…..I was an Independent Voter until this year when I officially changed my voting preference to REPUBLICAN PARTY of FLORIDA….This democratic BULLSHIT needs to be stopped and the sooner the better.If folks would just LEAVE HIM ALONE AND LET HIM BE PRESIDENT WE WOULD ALL BE BETTER OFF AND AMERICA WOULD BE THE POWER IT SHOULD BE……

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