The Left Is Destroying Themselves Over Gina Haspel

The left loves to condemn Trump’s administration. They point out the unfilled positions and call it turmoil. Then, they completely deny that the bulk of vacancies are because they have fought tooth and nail against every single nomination he has made.

At this point, they have shattered historical records for obstructing Presidential appointments. And, why should they stop at this point? Their newest target is Gina Haspel, but unlike other obstructions, this one is blowing up in their faces. It’s quite delightful.

Who Is She?

So you probably already know that Haspel is Trump’s nominee to become the next director of the CIA. Since Mike Pompeo is now Secretary of State, there’s a vacancy to fill.

You’ve probably also heard a lot of things about Haspel’s past. Well, we’ll give you the basic facts here. She joined the CIA in the 80s and went on her first assignment in ‘87. She had a largely successful career over the years and rose among the ranks.

During the Bush Administration she was the Chief of Staff for the National Clandestine Service. Supposedly doing well there, she became the Director of the Service under Obama in 2013. When Trump took office, Haspel rose to Deputy Director of the CIA, and her nomination to Director at this point is only logical. Now that we have the facts out of the way, let’s examine the dirt.


The left, in fully predictable fashion, is claiming that Haspel is unfit to serve as the Director of the CIA. They didn’t raise so much stink when she became a Deputy Director, which is ironic. If a person was genuinely unfit to serve as Director, they are also unfit to be a Deputy Director. It’s basic logic. The real issue here is that she has now been nominated by Trump, so the left has to hate it on principle.

Whatever, we’ll review their claims. The left only has one point of contention. They have no objections to her competence or leadership. They “hate” Haspel because she worked for the CIA while waterboarding was legal. No, really. That’s it. There’s no evidence that she ever carried out waterboarding or enhanced interrogations herself. They are simply upset because she was a member of the organization while those techniques were legal.

In case you don’t know the history of enhanced interrogation, here’s the rundown. After 9/11, the country was upset and ready to do anything to combat terrorism. Congress ultimately approved the use of what they called “enhanced interrogation.” The most controversial technique in the package was waterboarding, but the entire idea was to use harsh interrogation methods to intimidate terrorists into compliance. The techniques were specifically designed to avoid outright torture and permanent damage.

Despite that, Congress later outlawed enhanced interrogation in 2015. Since, the CIA has not broken the law, and Haspel has repeatedly and openly voiced her agreement with Congress’ latter decision. She has no desire to reinstate enhanced interrogation. Despite that, the left is still in an outrage.

Nancy Pelosi

Now, we can get to the sweet irony. This outrage is thinly veiled at best, but it puts the left in an impossible situation. You see, it boils down to more than just the Congressional approval of enhanced interrogation. The approval had support from both sides. In particular, Nancy Pelosi was a member of the oversight committee that approved the use of what was later condemned as torture.

More to the point, she was aware of the techniques and their implementation at least a full year before Haspel, by her own admission. Even worse for the left, Pelosi is likely not the only Democratic member of Congress who sided with torture at the time.

Now, the left has two choices. They can condemn Haspel and lose some of their most important figures in the process, or they can acknowledge that enhanced interrogation was legal at the time to give a pass to Pelosi and others. It’s a no-win.

And this, is the crux of it all. The left doesn’t really believe in anything. They just pick fights for the sake of it. They say they love strong women, but then they condemn professional pioneers like Nikki Haley and Gina Haspel simply because they work for a country currently run by Trump.

In truth, they have set up an impossible list of ideals, and their ever increasing fanaticism is ostracizing everyone. For every conservative they attack with their moral relativism, they lose three Democrats in the process. This is the only conclusion when your entire ideology completely and permanently abandons basic logic.

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